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Manulife’s Investor Sentiment Index


Manulife’s Investor Sentiment Index (Manulife ISI) in Asia is a quarterly, proprietary survey measuring and tracking investors’ views across seven markets in the region on their attitudes towards key asset classes and investment vehicles.

The Manulife ISI is based on 500 online interviews in each market of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore; in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines it is conducted face-to-face. Respondents are middle class to affluent investors, aged 25 years and above who are the primary decision makers of financial matters in the household and currently have investment products.

The Manulife ISI is a long-established research series in North America. Manulife ISI has been measuring investor sentiment in Canada for the past 13 years, and extended this to its John Hancock operation in the U.S. in 2011 and Asia in 2013.

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 Fund NameAs of DateBid PriceOffer Price
Affluence / Affluence Gold / Affluence Builder
09/02/2014PHP 2.5720PHP 2.6112
09/02/2014PHP 2.3200PHP 2.3553
09/02/2014PHP 1.0000PHP 1.0000
09/02/2014PHP 2.6470PHP 2.6873
09/02/2014PHP 1.0390PHP 1.0548
09/02/2014USD 1.2070USD 1.2070
09/02/2014USD 2.0400USD 2.0711
09/02/2014USD 1.0590USD 1.0590
Affluence Max / Affluence Max Gold / Affluence Builder Series
09/02/2014PHP 1.5410PHP 1.5410
09/02/2014PHP 3.1680PHP 3.1680
09/02/2014PHP 1.7690PHP 1.7690
09/02/2014PHP 1.0350PHP 1.0350
09/02/2014USD 1.4560USD 1.4560
09/02/2014PHP 1.0070PHP 1.0223
09/02/2014PHP 1.0050PHP 1.0050
09/02/2014USD 0.9410USD 0.9410

Bid Price and Offer Price are the same for Affluence Max / Affluence Max Gold / Affluence Builder Series.

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