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Protect one of your company's biggest assets - your employees.

With Manulife, you can provide business insurance protection, whether as a form of employee benefit or a way to retain and attract good employees.

Manulife offers a range of plans that let you address your employees' insurance, security, and other financial needs. Our products are available to large companies, SMEs, associations, start-ups, and schools.


Group Life Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Take better care of your employees by providing them insurance protection from natural or accidental incidents. We have insurance plans designed for companies with more than 100 employees, and for those with fewer than 100 employees.

Help ease your students' or employees' financial burdens arising from accidents, whether in school or in workplace.                                                                                                               .


Borrower's Credit


Protect your company against loss from unpaid loan balance in the event that borrowers suffer from sudden disability, accident, or death.

Our life insurance plan lets your employees build their savings for their retirement years, while enjoying potential unlimited financial growth.


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