• GradMaker is a good start to invest for the future of our child.

    Jhoan Africa
    Accounting Asst. Manager, Mom to Janelle
  • GradMaker is a sensible investment at low cost with minimal charges.

    Norman Peralta
    Business Quality Specialist, Dad of Niccolai, Arkin and Naia
  • Easy and straightforward app.

    Jaja Advincula
    Partnership Distribution Manager, Mom of Asiana
  • An easy and hassle-free way of building your child's education fund

    Catherine Esguerra
    Product Manager, Mom of Cahlean


  • Franco Endaya
    Group Insurance Team Lead, Dad of Aki, Ryuuki and Aoki
  • Anna Castro
    HR Learning Partner Mom of Audrey and Noah
  • Gene Francis Valdez
    Product Asst. Manager, Dad of Elise
  • Jericho Bautista
    Local Product Risk Manager, Dad of Connor
  • Mary Rose Sikat
    Executive Assistant, Mom of Phoebe and Armandy
  • Jean De Castro
    Fixed Income Fund Manager, Mom of Manolo
  • Evangeline Evangelista
    ODS Specialist, Mom of Ella and Eulla
  • Steve Ng
    Product Manager, Dad of Rachel and Sam
  • Lalaine Natan
    Senior Buyer, Mom of Bridget and Kyrie
  • Jeannie Domingo
    Investment Specialist, Mom of Charles and Andre
  • Cherrylyn San Juan
    Executive Assistant, Mom of Rain, Ayesha and Reese
  • Rachelle Sadiwa
    Purchasing Supervisor, Mom of Nicole
  • Leilani Alcantara
    MIS Supervisor, Mom of Eunice and Ervin
  • Michael Anaque
    Product Manager, Dad of Mika and Yshi
  • Aldwin Macaraig
    Business Quality Manager, Dad of Andrej

GradMaker will perform a scheduled system maintenance from February 4-24, 2019. Please bear with us as you will not be able to access the app at this time.