Frequently Asked Questions


    Absolute Return

    The return made from an investment over a certain period of time (e.g. 5% over 4 years)

    Account Value

    Your account value is how much your total investment is worth to date, which is based on fund performance.

    Fund Performance is determined by changes in interest rates, value of stocks, credit standing of issuers, etc.


    The Trustee is the person who holds or manages the death benefit for a minor beneficiary.


    A unit represents your ownership in the investment fund (Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund). The more units you buy, the greater your share in the fund. Just like the more slices you get from a cake, the bigger your share of the cake.

    Your units may decrease due to maintenance charges.

    Unit Price

    The unit price of a fund is the value of one unit in the investment fund.

    Illustration: If an entire cake is worth P1,000 and the cake is sliced into 10 equal parts, one slice of the cake would be worth P100. The worth of one slice of cake is equivalent to the unit price of a fund.


    Your beneficiary is the person who will receive the death benefit if you (the insured) die.

    Face Amount

    Your face amount is 125% of your initial investment.

    Insurance Premium

    An insurance premium is the amount that you pay for an insurance policy or a variable life product. This is what you pay us (Manulife) for your GradMaker Policy.


    The insured is the person we are insuring under this policy. GradMaker requires that the insured is also the same as the buyer of the GradMaker policy.

    Insured's Age

    The insured's (your) age is based on his most recent birthday.

    For example: The required age to purchase a GradMaker policy is between 18 to 50 years old. Last Sept 1, 2017, the client turned 50. Even if the client is a few days over 50, he is still qualified to purchase a GradMaker policy until before he turns 51.

    Irrevocable Beneficiary

    Having an irrevocable beneficiary means that you will need to seek approval from your beneficiary to change him/her to another beneficiary of your choice. You will also need his/her consent to withdraw the funds.

    Maturity Date

    The maturity date is the day your policy contract ends. It is similar to an expiration date.

    Refund Value

    Your refund value is the account value plus the policy charges applied to your policy.

    Revocable Beneficiary

    Having a revocable beneficiary means you are free to use the funds and change your chosen beneficiary without the need of your current beneficiary’s consent.

    Single Premium

    A Single Premium is the amount you will pay, one time, for a GradMaker policy.

    Variable Life Product

    A Variable Life Product is a product that offers both an investment and an insurance coverage. A GradMaker policy is an example of a variable life product because you get insurance protection that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a pure investment product from a bank.

    Beneficial Owner

    A Beneficial Owner is any person who:

    • owns the money to be used to buy a GradMaker policy
    • controls the applicant

    For example: An 18 year old student intends to buy a GradMaker policy with money coming from her mother. In this case, the student has a beneficial owner, her mother.

    Business Days

    Official business days are from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

    Politically Exposed Person

    A person entrusted with prominent public position(s) a) with substantial authority over policy, operations, or the use or allocation of government-owned resources in the Philippines, b) in any foreign state, or c) in an international organization.

    Referral Code
    Referral codes are only applicable during special promotions. Hence, you may leave this blank as this is not a required field.

    What is GradMaker?

    • GradMaker is a mobile app and a financial solution for parents who want to invest for their children's college fund.
    • It is the first digital, end-to-end solution of Manulife that allows you to sign up, invest and purchase policies online, 24/7, without paper forms!

    Note that if you are not a parent, you may nominate a child 0-13 years old (nephews or nieces).

    What are the benefits of the GradMaker app?

    The app offers you:

    1. an investment with potentially higher returns than a regular bank savings account
    2. an insurance coverage worth at least 125% of what you pay, in case the insured dies
    3. convenience (paperless, online payments, worry-free mobile investing and investment monitoring!)

    What is the difference of GradMaker with Pre-need Education Plans?

    Some companies that offered Pre-Need Education plans promised to cover the cost of tuition fees, whatever the amount may be. However, the tuition fees were higher than they expected, and they were not able to deliver on their promise, even if you already paid in full.

    A GradMaker Policy is entirely different, because it allows you to invest in a professionally-managed fund. This way, you can take advantage of the growth of the economy and beat inflation. As with any investment, we fully disclose to our prospect clients that there are NO GUARANTEES. We are transparent on where your money is invested and the performance of the fund. You can monitor your money's worth at any given time through the app, where the fund performance is updated on a daily basis. You can even withdraw your account value, less applicable surrender charges, when you need it!

    Who can buy a GradMaker Policy?

    You must:

    • be a Filipino citizen and resident
    • be between 18 to 50 years old
    • nominate a child 0 to 13 years old (i.e. your son, daughter, nephew, niece, etc)
    • have a Philippine business or work address

    If you are:

    • a dual citizen
    • considered a Politically Exposed Person*, or
    • have a Beneficial Owner*

    • We are sorry we cannot accept your application at this time, but we will look for ways in the future. However, we have another education related product that you may want to consider. Check it out here

    *Please refer to the Important Terms Section.

    Can I use the GradMaker app outside of the Philippines?

    You must be in the Philippines to use the app or purchase a GradMaker policy.

    How do I buy a GradMaker Policy?

    3 simple steps:

    1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
    2. Sign up to create an account
    3. Purchase your investment on the app!

    What devices, operating systems and versions support the application?

    The GradMaker app is supported by:

    • Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus with iOS versions 10 and up
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 and up S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+ with Android versions 6 and up

    How old should my child be?
    Your child should be 13 years old or younger. We anticipate your child will enter college at the age of 18. We advise you to start investing at least 5 years before so your money has time to grow through the ups and downs of the market.
    What is the age limit of the insured?

    You must be at least 18 years old but not older than 50 years old on your most recent birthday.

    My preferred school is not part of the options.

    To indicate a school that is not on the initial list:

    1. Tap on 'My choice does not appear. I want to add a different school.'
    2. Type the name of the school and enter the estimated current yearly tuition fee. If you are unfamiliar with the current tuition fee, you may refer to

    How was the projection calculated?

    The app calculates this using the university’s current average tuition and applies it to the average tuition fee rate of increase, 10% per year, until your child turns 18. Historically, tuition increase rate is between 8-10% every year.

    How often can I invest?
    The app calculates this using the university’s current average tuition and applies it to the average tuition fee rate of increase, 10% per year, until your child turns 18. Historically, tuition increase rate is between 8-10% every year.
    How long do I need to stay invested?
    You can stay invested for up to 25 years, after which time, your policy will end. You can also withdraw your investment anytime. However, if you do so within 5 years, surrender charges will be applied.

    Do I need to have a child to purchase a GradMaker Policy?
    You need to nominate a child in order to proceed to the tuition calculator that will later on lead to purchasing a GradMaker policy. However, when nominating your beneficiary, you may identify anyone with insurable interest such as your parents, grandparents, siblings, nephews, nieces, etc.
    I am a housewife. Can I purchase a GradMaker policy if I am not employed or self-employed?

    For now, it is required to have a Philippine business/company address to purchase a policy. If your husband is employed, or has a business, your husband can purchase the policy instead.

    We are sorry we cannot accept your application at this time, but we will look for ways in the future. However, we have another education related product that you may want to consider. Check it out here

    Can I buy a plan on behalf of my spouse?
    No. You are required to make sure that the policy's owner is the one paying for the policy. If you are paying for the policy, it should be under your name.
    What are considered as valid IDs?

    A valid ID must:

    • have a photo of you
    • have your latest signature
    • be government issued
    • not be expired

    Any of the following ID’s is acceptable:

    • SSS ID
    • GSIS ID
    • Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID)
    • Pag-ibig ID
    • PRC ID
    • Philippine Passport
    • Driver’s License
    What if the supporting documents I uploaded were not acceptable or valid?
    We will let you know if the documents you submitted are not acceptable. You have 30 days after this notice to re-submit the requirements. If we do not hear from you within 30 days, the policy will be terminated. Your account value and policy charges will be credited back to your identified bank account.
    I can't invest now. Can I save the details I have already inputted?
    After you've confirmed your personal information on the summary page, these details are already saved. However, the school of choice, investment and payment options will need to be entered again when making the actual investment.
    I can’t remember my password.

    If you cannot recall your password, please:

    1. Tap on 'I forgot my password'
    2. Enter the email address you used to get a verification code
    3. Check your email for the verification code and enter it on the verification code field back in the application
    4. Enter a new password for the account

    You will now be able to log in with your new password!

    I declared the wrong age.
    It is important that the age be corrected because if the insured does not qualify for cover using the right age, we will only pay the refund value upon death claim. Kindly inform us immediately if your declared age is wrong. Should you wish to correct this mistake, kindly email
    How do I update my profile?

    To update your profile:

    1. Tap on 'My Profile' on the side menu
    2. To edit details, tap on the camera or pencil icons.

    The only information that may be edited is your password, contact number, addresses, occupation and company name.

    How do I edit my plan details?

    To edit your plan details:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. To edit details, tap on the camera or pencil icons.

    You can only edit your child's name and photo.

    Can I change my beneficiary?

    Yes, via the app if your beneficiary is REVOCABLE*.

    Yes, via email or call if your beneficiary is IRREVOCABLE*.

    1. Email:
    2. Customer Care Hotline: (632) 884 -7000

    To change your beneficiary:

    1. Tap on ‘My Plans’ on the side menu and choose a plan
    2. Tap on ‘View Individual Investments’
    3. Tap on ‘Change My Beneficiary’

    4. *Please refer to the Important Terms Section.
    How do I check my rewards status?

    To check your rewards status:

    1. Tap on 'Home' on the side menu
    2. Tap on 'Rewards'

    How do I compute for my rewards?
    • For every P10,000, investment Manulife will reward you with P100 worth of units to add to your investment after the first year.
    • This reward will apply to each policy only once, after it has turned 1 year old.
      Step 1: Add the investment amounts of your policies that have turned 1 year old
      Step 2: Divide the sum by P10,000 then multiply it by P100
      Reward = [(Sum of all policies that turned 1 year old) / P10,000] * P100
    What is "Pay it Forward"?

    For every GradMaker investment you make, 1% is matched by Manulife to be donated to charity. This 1% is not taken from your investment; Manulife shoulders the cost of the donation. Our current partner is Cartwheel Foundation. , a duly recognized non-stock, non-profit organization that seeks to nurture Filipino indigenous heritage through relevant education.

    To read about 'Pay it Forward':

    1. Tap on 'Home‘
    2. Tap on 'Pay it Forward'

    How secure is my information?
    Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on the app’s security. Just tap on 'Privacy Policy' on the side menu.
    Can I get a copy of GradMaker's Terms and Conditions?
    You may view the Terms & Conditions directly on the app. Just tap on 'Terms & Conditions’ on the side menu. You can access this any time.
    How do I delete my account?
    You cannot manually delete your account. However, inactive accounts are kept up to one year only. It will delete on its own for as long as no log in is made within the year.

    How much can I invest?
    You can invest as low as Php 10,000 and as high as Php 120,000 per policy. The maximum investment per person is Php 2,000,000.
    How can I invest more than the P2 Million limit?
    For investment amounts greater than the GradMaker limit, please contact You may also refer to for more options.
    Can I add or top up on a policy?
    No, you cannot add or invest more funds in a single policy but you may purchase multiple policies as long as your total accumulated premiums do not exceed Php 2,000,000.
    Can I make multiple purchases of this product?
    Yes, you can make multiple purchases of GradMaker policies. Just remember that every purchase will only allow a minimum of Php 10,000 and a maximum of Php 120,000. However, note that the total accumulated premiums should not be more than Php 2,000,000.
    How do I add an investment to a child’s portfolio?

    To add an investment:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. Tap on the plan you would like to view
    3. Tap on 'Add an Investment'
    How do I view my investments?

    To view your investments:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu and choose a plan
    2. Tap on 'View Individual Investments'
    How do I view my policy contracts?

    To view your policy contract/s:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. Tap on the plan you would like to view
    3. Tap on 'View Individual Investments'
    4. Tap on 'View Policy Contract' under the particular investment you wish to view
    What is a Certificate of Cover?
    A Certificate of Cover is proof of your temporary insurance coverage until the official policy is released.
    When will I receive the official policy?
    You will be able to view your official policy on the app after 2 business days.
    What are my payment options?
    You can only pay online using your credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only).
    What charges should I be aware of?

    There are 3 charges you should be aware of:

    • A monthly maintenance charge of 0.065% of the account value*
    • A surrender charge of 2% for every withdrawal within the first 5 years of each policy
    • An annual fund management fee of 2.25%, already reflected in the unit price

    *Please refer to the Important Terms Section.

    If I requested for a hard copy of my policy contract, when will I receive it?
    The hard copy of your policy contract will be delivered to you within 5 to 10 business days from the date of your request.
    Can I request for a hard copy of my policy to be delivered to me?
    Yes, you may request for a hard copy. However, all your policies are viewable in the app so you may want to consider going paperless. Should you still wish to request for a hard copy, kindly email
    Will I receive an official receipt for my purchase?

    Yes, an official receipt will be delivered to you.
    7 business days - within Metro Manila
    14 business days - outside Metro Manila


    I suddenly changed my mind, can I cancel my investment?
    You have 15 days after the effective date of your policy to review your investment. If you feel this is not suitable for your needs, you can return it within this time. This is known as your Cooling-off Period. We will refund the account value and maintenance charge. Bank charges may apply depending on your chosen bank. We will not apply any surrender charges.
    Do I get a full refund if I cancel my purchase?
    We will refund the account value and maintenance charge. Bank charges may apply depending on your chosen bank. No surrender charges will be applied.
    How do I cancel my purchase?

    To cancel your purchase:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. Tap on the plan you would like to view
    3. Tap 'View Individual Investments'
    4. Swipe left over the Individual Investment you would like to pull-out
    5. Tap on ‘Cancel Investment’
    Can I withdraw my policy before it matures?
    Yes, you may withdraw your policy by pulling out on the 16th day onward from effective date. This is subject to a surrender charge of 2% of your account value within the first 5 years. The account value must be fully withdrawn and no partial withdrawal is allowed.
    How can I withdraw my investment?

    To withdraw your investment:

    1. Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. Tap on the plan you would like to view
    3. Tap on 'View Individual Investments‘
    4. Swipe left over the investment you want to withdraw and tap ‘Withdraw Investment‘
    5. Choose how you want to receive the proceeds. No partial withdrawals allowed.

    For completed withdrawal requests, funds will be credited within 3-5 business days.

    How will my funds be settled after withdrawal?
    Your funds will be credited to your identified bank account.
    How many days until I get my funds after withdrawal or cancellation?
    For completed withdrawal requests, your funds will be credited within 3-5 business days.
    What are the reasons why my policy may end?

    You policy will end when:

    • your account value is not enough to pay for the policy charges;
    • you withdraw all of your account value;
    • the insured dies; or
    • your policy reaches its maturity date

    *Note that the Company may cancel your policy due to material concealment, misrepresentation, fraud or falsity in the information provided, or any unsatisfactory result of a validation process.

    What are the withdrawal charges before maturity date?
    A surrender charge of 2% and applicable bank charges will be deducted from your account value if you withdraw this after 15 days from its effective date and before 5 years.
    I bought 3 GradMaker policies. How will the surrender charge be applied?

    The surrender charge will be applied separately to each investment, depending on when you bought each of them.

    If you withdraw policies 6 years from effective date and older, no surrender charge will apply

    If you withdraw policies 5 years from effective date, 2% surrender charge will apply.

    See below:

    How can a death benefit be claimed?

    If your beneficiary or trustee needs to file a claim, kindly email for the list of documents you will need to submit.


    Where is my money invested?

    Your money is invested in a fund called the Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund, which can help you grow your money if you invest for a long time. How much you will earn depends on the performance of the fund. It is made up of:

    • Government bonds;
    • High-quality corporate bonds; and
    • Stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange
    Where can I get more information on the Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund?

    For more information on the Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund, please visit

    Why can't I choose another investment fund?

    Currently, the funds are only invested in the Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund. Should you wish to invest in any other Manulife product, you may visit our website

    How has the fund performed historically?

    As of Sept 29, 2017, the fund has earned the following absolute returns (not annualized):

    1. Full Year 2014 11.53%
    2. Full Year 2015 -4.89%
    3. Full Year 2016 -2.17%
    4. Since Inception (July 1, 2013) 8.50%

    However, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE how much you will earn in the future.

    Is the return on my investment guaranteed?
    The return on your investment is NOT GUARANTEED. There are certain investment risks associated with this product. Depending on the performance of the fund, the value of your investment can be higher or lower than what you initially invested. However, historical data has shown that investments in bonds and stocks go up in value over time for those who are prepared to buy and hold long-term (i.e. at least 5 to 7 years).
    I'm not a risk taker, is a GradMaker policy a suitable product for me?
    Since a GradMaker policy DOES NOT GUARANTEE the returns on your investment, it is not a suitable product for you if you intend to invest for a short period of time or cannot stomach the daily changes in the value of your investment.
    Why should I invest instead of keeping money in the bank?
    The greatest enemy of money is inflation. Inflation is when prices increase and the value of your money decreases over time. If your money sits in a savings account earning a small interest rate, inflation will continue to devalue your money. Taking in some risk by investing can possibly give you much higher returns that will allow you to beat inflation!
    How long should I keep my investment?
    You should remain invested till the time comes that you need the cash. The longer you stay invested, the more time there is for your money to grow through the ups and downs in the market. Should you need to pull out ahead of your maturity date, it would be best to do this after 5 years to avoid any surrender charge.
    What is my account value?

    When you view your account values on the app, you will notice your account value is computed in 3 different ways.

    1. Total Investment Account Value:
      • Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
    2. Total Account Value per child:
      • Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
      • Tap on a specific child/beneficiary's plan
    3. Account Value of the Individual Investments
      • Tap on 'My Plans' on the side menu
      • Tap on a specific child/beneficiary's plan
      • Tap on 'View Individual Investments'
    How do I know what the current unit price is?

    There are two sites you may refer to for the current unit price of the Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund:

    1. Every Thursday on the Business Section of the Philippine Star
    2. Daily updates on

    What will I do if the unit price drops?

    When the unit price drops, do not be alarmed, this is what you call "paper or unrealized loss". You may remain invested until the unit price bounces back. This is why we recommend that you hold your investment for as long as you can, at least a period of 5 to 10 years, so that your account value may grow over time.

    When is the effective date of my purchase?

    The effective date of your policy is when you receive our notice of successful policy activation. This will be sent soon after you have paid your single premium, usually within 2 business days.

    When will my policy mature?

    Your policy will mature or end after 25 years from effective date. Once it matures, your account value will be paid out to you.

    In case the unfortunate happens, how much will my beneficiary receive? (Death Benefit)
    Your beneficiary will receive 125% of your single premium or the account value, whichever is higher.