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Protect what's most important to you and your family: your health.

Manulife Health Choice is an affordable health insurance providing critical illness, hospitalization, life protection coverage, and return of premium benefits.

This health insurance plan guarantees your health fund, which can be used for treatment in case you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness or replacement to your lost income if you get hospitalized.

If your health fund is unused at the end of your coverage, you will receive all the premiums you have paid or the remaining value of your coverage, whichever is lower.



Features and Benefits



Critical Illness Payout

With this health insurance plan, you may receive a lump sum amount in advance if you are diagnosed with any of the 35 covered major illness, which includes stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and cancer.

Life Insurance Benefit

Should anything unexpected happen to you, your family will receive cash benefits equivalent to the basic premium you paid.


Ready Funds in case of Emergency

You can make a loan from the guaranteed cash value in case of emergency.


Hospital Income Benefit 

Should you get hospitalized, this health insurance plan offers a daily benefit equivalent to 0.2% of the amount of your coverage to supplement your lost income.


Payback for Good Health

After 20 years, you will receive the entire basic premiums you paid, or the remaining value of your coverage after deducting claimed hospital income benefit, whichever is lower.


Major Critical Illness Covered

Manulife will waive premiums while unable to work, so that the family can use the funds for other immediate financial needs.




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