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The past performance indicated above is a simulated past performance based on certain historical data derived from the records of the Company concerning the funds referred to therein, as well as  assumptions and estimates in relation thereto.  The Investment Simulator is for illustrative purposes only and is NOT an indication or guarantee as to future performance of your investments.  A simulation based on different data and assumptions and estimates may produce entirely different results.  The simulated past performance does NOT indicate actual results, past or future, that might be obtained from an actual participation in the fund/s stated herein.  Neither does it represent any actual position, participation, interest or ownership in such fund/s. In case of any inquiry or other concerns about the Investment Simulator, please call our Customer Support Hotline.

Important information: The Investment Funds ("Funds") mentioned in this material are specific to variable life insurance contracts and are not considered mutual funds. Yields depend on interest and foreign exchange levels, both of which may fluctuate. Other factors that affect yield include changes in the credit standing of the issuers and changes in the value of the stocks and dividends receives. Further, investments of the Funds may provide that their values be determined based on prices or yields of other securities, instruments or foreign currencies, and such provisions may result in negative fluctuations in the value of these investments and, in turn, the Funds' yields. Thus, the performance of the separate account(s) is not guaranteed and the value of the policy could be less than the capital investment subject to any specified minimum guarantees. THE VARIABLE LIFE POLICYHOLDER SHALL BEAR ALL INVESTMENT RISKS. Past performance of the Funds is not necessarily indicative of future performance.  Yields are not guaranteed.