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ManulifeMOVE Mobile App

Just follow these simple steps to set up your ManulifeMOVE account. You can then link up your fitness tracker account with the ManulifeMOVE App. 

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Download the ManulifeMOVE App

You can download the ManulifeMOVE mobile app from the App Store or from Google Play.



Verify MOVE Membership

Open the ManulifeMOVE mobile app. Enter your email address registered with Manulife and your Date of Birth to Confirm your Move membership.




Create your MOVE Account

You can personalize your MOVE ID and password which should be at least 8 characters. For your MOVE ID, please use letters A to Z (capital or lower case) or numbers 0 to 9, but do not include any spaces or symbols. Passwords must include both numbers and letters (capital and lower case will be recognized)




Download the fitness tracker app

Download the corresponding mobile app for your fitness tracker from the App Store or from Google Play. After downloading the app, just follow the instructions to set up your account and activate your fitness tracker.



Re-enter your MOVE ID and password



Link up your fitness tracker account

Choose your fitness tracker. Follow the instructions to authorize the synchronization of your activity data to te ManulifeMOVE mobile app.



Data synchronized. Complete!

Upon completion of the data synchronization, you may check your updated activity data on MOVE by opening MOVE mobile app.





MOVE App Tips:

1. The most updated activity data refers to the record you have last synchronized by using the fitness tracker app. Remember to turn on Bluetooth and WIFI when synchronizing the activity data.
2. Please open the fitneess tracker app and synchronize all activity data before replacing your fitness tracker. Otherwise, you may lose records or data.
3. ManulifeMOVE mobile app will only capture data from your fitness tracker account but will not synchronize with your fitness tracker directly.
4. Please remember your MOVE ID and password to prevent any loss of your records or data.





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