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Products and Services

Manulife Philippines has developed a variety of innovative individual products to address the varied financial protection needs of its customers.


 Fund Accumulation and / or Protection Coverage 


Freedom65 Seasons

Seasons100 is a participating whole life insurance product that provides substantial benefits and returns of one's lifetime. Its key features include among others: guaranteed coverage up to age 100; guaranteed cash benefit payout options, Long Life Bonus options and a guaranteed lump sum cash benefit which will be available at age 100.


Freedom is a participating 15-year, 20-year or at age 65 endowment product providing life insurance protection with guaranteed cash values and accumulated dividends. It comes with fund accumulation option that gives guaranteed competitive return as a value-added proposition. It also has an option that gives lifetime coverage (up to age 100) even after the lump sum cash benefit is given on the 15th year, 20th year or at age 65. 


Manulife FlexiSure is a participating whole life insurance product with a variable life add-on feature that provides you with guaranteed life protection coverage and also optimizes your earning potential through investments made in any one or a combination of our professionally-managed funds.



YRT and ReACT5 are term insurance plans which provide fixed term protection coverage for one (1) year and five (5) years, respectively.  These plans are very flexible due to the renewability and convertibility features.


FirstProtect is an affordable insurance product loaded with additional benefits. It guarantees the insured life and accident protection for 10 years. At the end of the 10-year period, the insured is entitiled to a maturity benefit . The product is packaged with Accidental Death Benefit and Payor's Benefit (PB) or Total Disabitlity Waiver (TDW).


FirstProtect Plus is a 10-year insurance product with maturity benefit. It offers maximum protection at an affordable price. It's also loaded with benefits to guarantee the insured with complete life and accident protection benefits.



Medical Protection 



Adam and Eve are gender-specific participating whole life products that accumulate cash values and earn dividends with coverage up to age 100. These are comprehensive plans with the following core benefits: guaranteed life insurance protection; guaranteed major disease benefits; guaranteed accident coverage, and guaranteed premium waiver protection features.


CriticalCare is a critical illness insurance that provides a lump sum benefit payment in the event that the insured person is diagnosed to have a critical illness condition. It is a comprehensive medical protection policy with the following core features: Guaranteed accelerated critical illness benefit; Guaranteed invasive surgical treatment benefit; Guaranteed gender-specific illness benefit; Guaranteed 50% return of premium living benefit, and Guaranteed life insurance protection.




HealthPlus is a lifetime comprehensive health insurance product that helps defray your hospitalization-related expenses such as room & board, medications, lab tests, surgical and other expenses related to hospital confinement.



Savings and / or Investments 



Manulife Affluence Builder is an affordable variable life insurance product that lets you boost the value of your money and provides flexibility to allocate your funds depending on your investment needs.


Manulife Horizons is a protection-oriented variable life insurance product designed to address your life insurance needs at any stage of your life and offer you optimal return potential on your investments.




Affluence Gold is an affordable single-pay investment product designed to provide potential optimum return and insurance protection.  It allows policy owners the flexibility to invest in any one or combination of separate investment funds through a single premium and later, opt to switch investments partially or entirely from one fund to another.

Affluence Max Gold  is a single pay variable life product that is designed to give you the best possible returns on both your investment and built-in insurance protection coverage. It has zero entry free that optimize the potential earnings of your investment.


For Education and / or Retirement 


Smart Minds is a peso participating anticipated endowment plan designed for children's education needs through a comprehensive Total Education Benefit (TEB) package. It also has protection benefits and contingent fund in case of the Payor's death or disability.



Freedom is a participating endowment product that provides a variety of guaranteed lump sum cash benefits over a 15-year period, 20-year period or up to the age of 65. These are made possible through the guaranteed cash payout and guaranteed lump sum cash benefit design features of the product. 






Plan Right is a participating savings plan that pays a guaranteed maturity value on the maturity date regardless of whether the planholder is living or not. It is designed to allow flexibility in meeting the planholder's varied saving purposes.