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Relaxation Techniques for Every Personality
April 10 2017

We all know that stress has an adverse effect on our health; it can raise blood pressure, cause headaches, weight gain, digestive trouble, and it may prevent restful sleep, and intensify symptoms of existing health conditions.


Relieving stress isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding a stress management plan that works for you shouldn't cause extra anxiety. Rest assured that techniques exist for every personality: 

Are you always moving? 
The very idea of sitting still and breathing deeply makes your blood pressure rocket. Instead, consider an active, aerobic exercise like running or dancing. If you'd rather escape the sound of your own thoughts for an hour, perhaps a martial arts class will work: Tai chi is low-impact, easy on the joints, and increases flexibility while decreasing stress. 

Are you the type who takes on other people's burdens?

For you, a solitary, tranquil activity might be best like meditation. A quiet walk in the woods or a low-impact outdoor activity like gardening will also give you the break you need and allow you to focus on yourself.

Are you a problem fixer? 
You'd be wise to get some aerobic exercise in your daily routine for maintenance, but adding bigger changes to your diet will make a greater impact.  According to The Food Network, omega-3 fats in fish like salmon, and small portions of chocolate, can manage adrenaline and stress, too. 

Are you an introvert who needs a lot of quality me-time?

A great stress management solution is to schedule time to be completely peaceful. Find a time that you can be unreachable, except in case of emergencies. Turn off your phone. Put on your away message. Put it on your calendar if you need to, and stick to it. Consider a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to completely drown out any stimulation from the outside world. Then just breathe.

You can try all these techniques and see which one will suit you best. The important thing is for you to know how you can take better care of your health.

For your future health care needs, consider having a plan that will safeguard your savings so you can worry less and relax more. Find out more about our health plans here.

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