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Five Ways to Stay Safe with your Summer Workout
May 12, 2017

For some, the gym represents routine, a sense of control, and a necessary dose of me-time. For others, well, they'd rather run outdoors than get their exercise on a treadmill.

If you're the type who loves a good workout but hates the thought of being trapped indoors, you don't have to stop your good health habits when the temperatures rise in the summer—but you do have to exercise some extra caution by following these tips.

Schedule outdoor time carefully. Staying out for too long in high heat can be risky. When the humidity is high, sweat won't evaporate as quickly, which keeps your body from releasing heat as fast as it may need to. Make sure you're cooling down between bouts of activity.


Hydrate liberally. If you're going for a run, playing a vigorous round of badminton, or even taking a walk in summer heat, you need to drink more water than you would normally. Drink water before you even notice you're thirsty.



Wear white. Other light colors will do, too, but opt for loose-fitting, comfortable fabrics to stay cool in the summer heat.

Listen to your body. Be on the lookout for muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, weakness or confusion, excessive fatigue, headache, dizziness or visual problems. Even sweating more than you expect could be an issue—so keep paying close attention to the messages your body is sending, and enjoy that safe summer workout. The Mayo Clinic lists these symptoms as indicators of heat illness. 

If any of these occur while you're doing an outdoor summer workout, stop your workout, cool down, and contact your doc if they persist.


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