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Supporting and enabling Filipino communities to live every day better.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make every day better for the Filipino community. It guides everything we do, including our support for the communities in which we operate.  It is part of our commitment to help people lead better and more financially secure lives.

We have been actively carrying out CSR initiatives in our bid to create life-changing experiences not only for the less privileged, but also for and through our employees by advocating volunteerism.


How it started

Manulife Philippines has dedicated itself to providing Filipino families with reliable and forward-thinking solutions to various needs and goals. 

Recognizing that many financial habits are formed during one’s childhood, Manulife launched an innovative financial literacy campaign meant for a younger audience. Peso Smart started as a financial literacy program implemented as a series of in-person weekend classes, conducted by Manulife employees for Grades 5 and 6 public school students.

We collaborated with Hands on Manila (HOM), a non-profit organization that creates and executes sustainable and high-impact corporate social responsibility programs, to help select initial public schools. As of March 2021, Manulife has 119 Peso Smart graduates. In Makati and Mandaluyong, we have supported Pembo, Mandaluyong Addition Hills, Plainview, and Nueve de Febrero elementary schools. In Quezon City, where our sister company Manulife Business Processing Services is located, we supported two elementary schools: Bagong Silangan and Kamuning.

Peso Smart students answering their handbooks
Manulife discusses needs vs wants to Peso Smart students
Manulife brings their Peso Smart students to Kidzania
Manulife Philippines and Hands On Manila celebrate the graduation of Peso Smart students (School Year 2018-2019) from Pembo, Mandaluyong Addition Hills and Nueve de Febrero Elementary Schools.

Download the Peso Smart Storybooks

Manny and Liv - A Plan to Save
Yaman Bayan
Manny and Liv - A Surprise For Lola
Super Buds - Saving For A Rainy Day
Manny & Liv - The Savings Jars

Peso Smart X RecoveREADS

Understanding that students are to undergo remote learning during the pandemic, we partnered with Corazon Sanchez Atayde Memorial Foundation to launch Peso Smart x RecoveREADS, a learning program designed to equip grade school students with Peso Smart kits. These kits included an activity journal based on the company’s award-winning financial literacy modules, a storybook, and school supplies. The learning kits were distributed to Francisco Legaspi Memorial School and Buting Elementary School, which will benefit more than 100 students. 

Manulife Philippines and Corazon Sanchez Atayde Memorial Foundation (CSAMF) launch Peso Smart x RecoveREADS with Pasig City Honorable Mayor Vico Sotto.

Peso Smart Storybooks

In November 2020, Manulife Philippines launched its first two Peso Smart storybooks, which aim to teach young children to save, budget, and invest money wisely. These storybooks aim to promote meaningful family interactions as parents teach their kids smart money habits at home. 

Watch the story of Manny and Liv below

Peso Smart for University Students

In July 2020, Manulife Philippines partnered with Business Management Society (BMS) of De La Salle University (DLSU) to run a pilot phase of the Peso Smart program for 20 members of the organization. The lessons include sound financial planning, digital financial apps, and investing money.

In January 2021, Manulife Philippines started the new year with the second run of its Peso Smart program. Also in partnership with BMS, the sessions were made available to more DLSU students. The three-week financial literacy program trained more than 50 university students with valuable lessons on financial planning and business resilience, among others.

Manulife concludes its three-week Peso Smart program with De La Salle University students.