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Follow Your Passion Through Insurance

November 12, 2018


How would you like to visit a different country every year? Wouldn’t it be nice to put up the business you’ve always wanted?

These are just some of the amazing things you can do if you invest in insurance. That’s because insurance policies today provide more than just security and peace of mind. Insurance have benefits you can enjoy while you are alive and able.

So how can insurance help you pursue your passion

Insurance can support you

Depending on the terms of your policy, you get cash benefits. Earn extra funds from dividends which you can use to fund a future hobby or that vacation you’ve long put off. Or you can use that money to fund a new investment – giving you another way to make even more money.

But why stop there when you can grow your savings further? Modern life insurance products are now linked to investment funds which can help grow your money over a period of time.  You may even choose which investment fund will give you the highest possible return based on your goals and your appetite for risk!

Insurance can protect you

Give yourself a cushion from the costs of living! Invest in an education plan and you are shielded from increasing tuition fees. Invest in a retirement plan and you protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. If a personal crisis comes along, you can borrow money from your policy to serve as a financial buffer!

Insurance can give peace of mind

By the time you reach your 60s, the plan is to have as little to worry about as possible. So instead of thinking about where you will live or whether you will go hungry, you should be spending time doing what you love. With insurance, this is possible!

As always, there is no better time to invest in insurance than now. Make that decision while you still have health, time and opportunity on your side. If you have questions about insurance and how it can fulfill your passion and dreams, a Manulife advisor is just a click away.