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A comprehensive health plan especially crafted for men

Why you should get it?

Fight male-specific cancer

You will receive a one-time payment equivalent to 20% of your face amount once diagnosed with male-specific cancer. Annual cash support will also be given to you for 3 consecutive years to help with your treatments.

Continued support for your family

Your family will receive monthly income if you pass away during the covered period and will continue to receive the benefit until the end of your coverage.

Critical illness protection

protect yourself from uncertainty. Receive 95% of your face amount as payout should you get diagnosed with any of the 35 covered major critical illnesses.

Security for your loved ones

Rest easy that, should the unthinkable happen, your family will have a guaranteed safety net through your life insurance coverage.

Added protection for you

Beef up your protection by adding on to your coverage from the many options you can choose from.

NOTE: Exclusions and limitations based on pre-existing conditions may apply. You have 15 days to look at your policy contract from the time you receive it. If you decide it is not suitable for your needs, you can return it and we will do a refund. You may refer to your policy contract for more details.

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