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Be your own hero: Secure your own future

Here are a few tips to consider


Humans are social creatures. We thrive in our social circles and communities, and, despite being physically distant from each other at the moment, most of us like to stay connected. While having supportive friends and family to lean on is always something to be thankful for, becoming independent is also important for us to grow wiser and become our own heroes. 

How can we better take charge of our lives and become our own heroes? Here are a few tips.

Be your own hero

Start small. Acts of self-care don’t have to be grand. You can start by cleaning your room, treating yourself to your favorite food after a long day, setting aside a dedicated time each day for meditation, and allotting regular offline time from social media when it gets too toxic. Remember that self-care isn’t always an Instagrammable act — it can also be simple, messy steps you need to take in order to genuinely take care of yourself.

Map out your short- and long-term goals. Part of being overwhelmed stems from having too many simultaneously racing thoughts and tasks. When your head is clear, sit down and list both short- and long-term goals — even in bullet points and keywords. Writing this down allows you to prioritize better (ex. school or work deadline for the day, targeted savings for the year, a better exercise regimen).

Consider investing in a life insurance plan. Once you’ve mapped out your major plans, what may likely come next is the realization of your health and wellness needs. One key investment you can make is a life insurance plan, which could work better for you when you start investing early! There are different life insurance plans depending on your requirements - whether it's for preparing for future healthcare needs, planning for an early retirement, or building your funds - there’s a plan out there for you. Thinking ahead about goals like these might help you reap great rewards in both the present and the future.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having said all these, the often overlooked aspect of being one’s own hero is learning to step back and admit when you need help or even just to slow down. We all move at our own pace, so don’t feel pressured to get your life in order as soon as your friends do. When goals seem daunting, cut them down into more doable chunks to not feel as overwhelmed. Remember, health and wellness come first!

Keep a healthy balance between being independent and staying connected. Being your own hero is great, but don’t overdo it! When you feel like things become too much to handle all by yourself, it’s also healthy to reach out to family members and friends and connect with the outside world.

Get started on the path to becoming your own hero. Talk to a Manulife Advisor today to know more about how you can make every day better!

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