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Five tips on how to make yourself better everyday

How can we make ourselves and each day a little bit better?


With everything going on around the world today, it's important to find motivation and joy — even in the smallest things. Instead of dreading our days, how can we make ourselves and each day a little bit better?

Striving for one's own betterment is a deeper form of self-care that — even through small steps — will actually give one a daily sense of purpose. Here are a few simple reminders to making yourself and your day better everyday.

5 Tips on How to Make Yourself Better than You Were Yesterday

1. Give yourself some quiet time. Clearing our headspace is equally important in getting things done effectively. May it be prayer, meditation, or simply allowing oneself to be bored, quiet time gives us a clean slate to realize our goals and appreciate each passing second.

2. Make a manageable to-do list. Writing them down on paper or your phone can not only organize your tasks but will also give you a sense of accomplishment whenever you cross something out (no matter how small the task).

3. Clean your surroundings. Yes, even though you thrive in chaotic environment, having things in your preferred disarray is different from having a dirty environment. Clearing your surroundings will also clear your head.

4. Try something you've never tried before. Cook, bake bread, learn an instrument — now's your chance to discover any talents that might be hiding within you!

5. Do something for others. Whether it's donating to the less privileged in cash or in kind, helping your parents around the house, or keeping other people in your prayers, doing something for others will make us better people.

Ready to make every day better? Start with a good plan. Talk to an Adviser and find out how you can start managing your future today. 

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