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Fun Ways to Get Fit Together
July 26, 2017

Do you want a stronger, fitter team? Check out this list of engaging team-building activities that help you build better relationships with your colleagues.

1. Scavenger hunt. In this fun activity, teams get a list of items to search for, tasks to
Complete, or photos to take. Teams walk around, work together, complete their list, and
race to finish fast.

2. Archery. It's not about standing still and hitting a target anymore (though you can still go
to an archery range and do just that). These days, this sport has become part of hybrid games - like the archery tag where you shoot foam-tipped “arrows” at opponents.


3. Trampoline. What's more fun than jumping up and down on a bouncy surface? There are trampoline parks you can go to, where your team will literally be bouncing off the walls!

4. Obstacle course. Crawl through tunnels, climb tire walls, swing from monkey bars, jump
into ball pits – and generally have a great time pushing your body to its limits. Search
indoor obstacle courses in your area for a great team-building experience! 

5. Rock climbing. This is a sport that requires trust – one person climbs and the other
person (the belayer) keeps the rope taut so if the climber slips, they won't fall far. It's a
great way to strengthen relationships between team members while building physical
strength and stamina.

6. Run for someone’s life. Because running is a great form of exercise, it gets even better when you run with colleagues.  And there’s even more motivation to run when it’s part of a social good effort. There are a lot of charitable causes that hold marathons to raise funds. 



All these activities will not only give you time to bond with your workmates, you also get to build your team’s stamina too! Encourage your colleagues to MOVE more!

At Manulife, we reward you for choosing to be active. Check out how you can get more when you MOVE more!