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8 Ways to Fit in Some Holiday Fitness
December 20, 2017


The holidays don't have to mean taking a vacation from exercising and eating right - you just need a few smart strategies to keep you on track.



1. Plan your workouts. Don't count on “finding” time to exercise. Instead, schedule it like any other appointment. Whether it's a class at the gym or a workout in your living room, put it in your calendar. 

2. Break up your workout. Don't have time for your usual two-hour weight session? Five minutes of jumping jacks in the morning, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, a ten-minute power walk in the evening and push-ups or crunches while you wait for dinner to be cooked can add up to a decent workout.

3. Find an “accountabilibuddy.” Meet up with a friend to walk, jog or take in a fitness class. Knowing someone is expecting us can be the motivation we need to MOVE.

4. Pick an exercise you love. Pick something you can look forward to, and do it with your favorite playlist on.

5. Choose healthier snacks. When you're heading out to a party, don't go hungry. Fill up on something healthy.



6. Have a ‘cheat day’. Try the “one-a-day” treat rule; it's a chance to indulge without overdoing it. Make sure to eat something you really want, and limit yourself to one serving.

7. Drink water. Keep hydrated and take an edge off your appetite, it's a great alternative to alcoholic or sugary beverages, which can really up your calorie count.



8. Be gentle with yourself. If you miss a workout or overindulge at a party, don't beat yourself up. Take your healthy lifestyle one day at a time. You can always start fresh tomorrow.

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