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My Goal Planner

Out of all your life goals, which one comes out on top? {q1}

Would you rather take risks to earn more or play it safe? {q2c}

I am willing to set aside {q3} to achieve my goal!

Do you have extra savings? How much of it are you willing to invest to grow even more? {q4}

Quiz Results

Show me the money! 

You work hard to earn a living, but wouldn't it be great if there's a way to make your money work even harder for you?
Achieve your financial goals with a plan that can grow and protect your hard-earned money
We think this plan fits you best:
Affluence Builder

Want a life insurance plan with investments? Give your life goals a boost with Manulife FutureBoost. Talk to a financial advisor to know more

You can also try this out:
Affluence Max Elite

WealthOne provides you with life insurance protection and the opportunity to maximize the growth of your funds to secure yourself and your family. To know more, talk to a financial advisor today!

*A more thorough assessment can be done by our financial advisors for a prouct that best fit your needs!

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