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My Goal Planner

Out of all your life goals, which one comes out on top? {q1}

Would you rather take risks to earn more or play it safe? {q2b}

I am willing to set aside {q3} to achieve my goal!

Do you have extra savings? How much of it are you willing to invest to grow even more? {q4}

Quiz Results

Going gray can be great! 

You're working hard right now, so it's natural that you look forward to a comfortable future. You want a worry-free life, doing what you love and making time for the people who matter.  
Get a plan that can help you prepare for a comfortable retirement. You deserve it!
We think this plan fits you best:

Want a life insurance plan with investments? Give your life goals a boost with Manulife FutureBoost. Talk to a financial advisor to know more

  • Start big with low charges
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Fund Options
You can also try this out:

WealthOne provides you with life insurance protection and the opportunity to maximize the growth of your funds to secure yourself and your family. To know more, talk to a financial advisor today!

*A more thorough assessment can be done by our financial advisors for a prouct that best fit your needs!

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