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iNotice is our electronic service facility where you can receive your Billing or Anniversary Notice through a password protected PDF file sent via your registered email address. You have the option to print or save the file for reference. Upon enrollment, the billing statement will only be sent via email. iNotice is fast and eco-friendly way of receiving bills that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

5 ways to enroll your policy in iNotice

Visit to enroll your policy in iNotice in our customer portal

Visit any of our Manulife branches nationwide to enroll your policy in iNotice with a branch officer

Dial +632 8884 7000 if you are within Metro Manila or dial our toll-free number at 1800-1888-6268 if you are outside Metro Manila

Send an email to

Text: <iNOTICE> <Email Address> <Last Name/First Name/Middle Name> and send it to +63908-8968278

Frequently Asked Questions

 Billing notice is issued in a password protected PDF file.

Password will be emailed to your nominated email address upon registration.

No. iNotice password is only issued once. In the event that you forget your password, you may email us your name and policy number at or call our Customer Care Hotline at +632 8884 7000.

Yes. You need to have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer. You may download it for free at

No, because once you are enrolled in our iNotice facility, all your other policies with Manulife are automatically enrolled.

No. Once enrolled in the iNotice facility, billing notice will no longer be printed for mailing.

Kindly note that iNotice facility is only limited to regular paying policies since these are generating a regular billing and anniversary notices. Single Premium policies however only have a Statement of Account issued annually by Client Services Department.

Terms and Conditions on the use of iNotice

  1. Manulife’s iNOTICE service means that Manulife will (i) deliver my electronic Billing Statement to the e-mail address specified above at least two (2) weeks before the due date/s of my policy/ies, and (ii) from time to time, send other company notices. I however must ensure that my premiums are paid on time whether I receive my electronic billing statement or not. I further agree that Manulife will no longer deliver to my mailing address the paper form of my billing statement and other company notices.
  2. Upon request for enrollment, I will provide the e-mail address to be used. Once the request is approved, I agree that all existing policy/ies in my name shall be automatically enrolled to Manulife’s iNOTICE service, unless specified otherwise. After the enrollment date, any new policy/ies issued may be enrolled to Manulife’s iNOTICE service upon accomplishing the appropriate form. Manulife reserves the absolute discretion, without giving any reason or notice, to reject any request for enrollment.
  3. I confirm that I will access and review my electronic Billing Statement. I am solely responsible to pay my premiums on its due date whether I receive the electronic Billing Statement or not. I understand and agree that failure to pay my premiums on its due date will result in my policy/ies lapsation and/or penalties. All premiums are payable at the Company’s duly designated offices, or its duly authorized agents and collections facilities. (Please contact Manulife’s Customer Care at +632 8884 7000 or e-mail at if you fail to receive the iNOTICE.)
  4. I shall immediately inform Manulife of any changes in my e-mail address or relevant information that may cause failure or delay in the delivery of my electronic Billing Statement and other company notices.
  5. At any time, I may request to cancel Manulife’s iNOTICE service by written notice to or by calling Manulife’s Customer Care at +632 8884 7000. Manulife will then inform me of the date when it will generate the paper form of my billing statement and other company notices.
  6. By using Manulife’s iNOTICE service, I have accepted and agreed to be bound by all operational rules and the General Terms and Conditions. I also agree to be bound by any and all laws, rules and regulations applicable to Manulife’s iNOTICE service.