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Reginald James Lorico


Samar, my home, has only been known for two things: typhoons & extreme poverty. Driven by my love for my province, I told myself that someday, I will help transform Samar’s story through my photographs despite my own financial lack. By writing the untold beautiful side of its story, one photograph at a time, I dream to publish them in a photo book that I hope will touch, move & inspire my fellow Samareños to start writing their own stories that are filled with hope, freedom & happiness.






Jessie Bulan


For many years, my father persistently worked in our farm by hand, manually cultivating and ploughing. our field. He did this so that we could afford to go to school. Seeing him exhaust a brute of strength day by day is painful because I know that such days of work are long and back-breaking. I took this picture to remind me of my goal: to make his work easier. I want him start a new farming story the easy way by getting him a farm tractor so he won't endure anymore the traditional way of ploughing.






Gae Bolado


I left my hometown 4 years ago to study in Manila. Together with my dreams of getting a college degree, I was eager to graduate on time until I had to stop and leave the university because my family could no longer afford it. While my batch mates prepared for their graduation this school year, I worked in a call center to save money so I could continue my studies soon. My dream of walking on stage with my parents as I receive my diploma is the story that motivates me to work harder everyday.






Joloraine Ang


This is my only family picture. It was taken after my father went abroad. He asked us to send him a photo so he could paste his face into the picture and send it back to us. It's sad to think that I was never able to pass any family picture whenever my teachers asked us to show family photos. My father has been away for 15 years, and he can't come home because of insufficient savings. Someday, I know we’ll be able to have a photo together as a family. With God & through Manulife, anything is possible!






Ana Maria Lourdes Manalo


This picture represents a message of hope and strength for all the OFWs who work hard for their family. 25 years ago, my husband and I had to work abroad for our children's future because of financial reasons. We never had the chance to look after our children while they were growing up. Now, we went back here in the Philippines for good. We want to make up for the lost time. We know that it’s never too late to start our story with our children together, with our grandchildren.



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