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Manulife Affluence Income is an affordable investment plan that offers a regular stream of income while letting your money grow over time. It features a built-in life insurance coverage and offers growth potential, providing the financial security and freedom your family deserves.

Whether your goal is to take the whole family for an out-of-town trip, or to retire in your dream home, Manulife Affluence Income is a good start.




Features and Benefits



Early Cash Payouts or Make your Money Grow

Enjoy payouts as much as 3% of the value of your investment per year. Choose to receive your payouts in cash so you can use them for your expenses, or you may choose to reinvest. If you choose to reinvest, your money will buy you more units in the fund, so you can take full advantage of our investment expertise to make it grow even more.


Lifetime Insurance Coverage

No matter how you choose to use your payouts, you have secured your family's future with this affordable life insurance plan. Should anything unexpected happen to you, they will receive a cash benefit that is worth at least 125% of your initial investment.


Regular Income Stream and Unlimited Growth Potential

If you choose to receive your cash, you can decide when to start receiving you regular income and how frequently you will receive them. Even when  you choose to receive your payouts regularly, your money has the potential to continue growing, increasing the value of your investment.





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