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Investment & Variable Life Insurance

Everybody’s circumstances are different. With our life insurance and investment plans, a portion of the premiums you pay for life insurance is invested into a designated fund or funds. So you can withdraw, borrow or keep saving, depending on how life changes.

Our variable life insurance products

Live your life to the fullest with the right life insurance and investment plan. Manulife’s wealth management strategy helps you achieve your financial goals with ease.


WealthOne provides you with life insurance protection and the opportunity to maximize the growth of your funds to secure yourself and your family. To know more, talk to a financial advisor today!

What is variable life insurance?

Variable Life Insurance products combine life insurance with investment features, so a portion of the insurance premiums are invested into a designated investment fund or funds.

How does a variable life insurance policy work?

With variable life insurance policies, part of your payment goes to buying units from different investment funds, allowing you to participate in the potentially higher yields of stocks and bonds and thereby likely increasing the long term value of your savings. You may even be allowed to increase or “top up” your plans, enabling you to boost your savings profiles even further.

Is variable life insurance a good investment?

It’s a good investment to buy insurance and investment while you’re young, because the younger you are, the lower your insurance premiums, and the more time you allow your funds to grow. Your insurance policy will accumulate cash value over time. 

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