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365 Ready is a suite of short-term insurance plans that offers life and accident insurance protection. These plans are sold exclusively through Manulife Shop.

365 Ready provides customers with the following insurance plan options:

  • 365 Ready Health - a health and life insurance that provides cash benefits upon diagnosis of any of the top 6 critical illnesses like cancer*, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, kidney failure, end-stage lung disease, or untimely death. 
  • 365 Ready Duo – combines both life and personal accident coverage in one plan
  • 365 Ready Life – provides life insurance coverage
  • 365 Ready Accident – provides personal accident coverage

365 Ready plans are designed to provide coverage at affordable prices.

  • 365 Ready Duo – starts at Php 448/year*
  • 365 Ready Life – starts at Php 249/year*
  • 365 Ready Accident – starts at Php 199/year*
  • 365 Ready Health - starts at Php 1,499/year*
*Price may vary based on the coverage amount

All 365 plans are sold exclusively through the Manulife Shop.

You can buy 365 Ready plans as long as you are:

  • 18-45 years old, a Filipino citizen, and a resident of the Philippines
  • Currently in the Philippines during the application
  • In good health as described in the Declaration and Agreements of the 365 Ready products
  • Not involved in hazardous occupations such as military personnel, miner, detective, logger, politician, jeepney, or pedicab driver, crew member of a domestic vessel, non-officer of an international vessel, or any occupation of equal hazard
  • Both the policy owner and policy insured

You can buy one (1) policy each of 365 Ready Health, 365 Ready Life, and 365 Ready Accident.

If you already bought 365 Ready Duo, which provides both life and accident coverage, you can no longer purchase 365 Ready Life or 365 Ready Accident.

Same goes with 365 Ready Life or 365 Ready Accident, if you already have any of these policies, you can no longer buy 365 Ready Duo.

No. Only you can apply for and buy 365 Ready plans.
If you were referred by a Manulife Financial Advisor, you may use your advisor’s referral link to buy the plans in Manulife Shop.  

No. You can only purchase a 365 Ready plan for yourself using your credit or debit card.

Yes. You may nominate one (1) beneficiary who will receive the benefits of your 365 Ready policy. You may choose to nominate any of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Common-law partner
  • LBGTQIA partners
  • Father or mother
  • Brother or sister
  • Your child aged 18 years old and above
  • Yourself

Please note that your beneficiary should be a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines.

You may pay in Manulife Shop using your Debit Card or Credit Card powered by Visa or MasterCard. The card should be under your name to make your payment valid.

Your coverage or the effective date of your policy starts as soon as you pay your premium and receive confirmation of your payment.

You will receive an email confirmation that contains a link to download your electronic policy contract after successful payment.

You will be covered for one (1) year starting on your policy effective date. You may also renew your coverage every year until age 55, as written in your policy contract. Your premium amount is fixed and will not change upon renewal.

We will send you an email with a link to renew your coverage one (1) month before your policy effective date ends. 

Yes. If you decide that the policy is not suitable to your needs, you may return it within fifteen (15) days and we will refund your premium. This is the 15-day Cooling Off Period, which starts on your policy effective date.

Yes. Should there be any inconsistencies with your declared information, or it did not meet the terms and conditions of our 365 Ready Plans, we will have to cancel your policy and refund your premium.

For more details on how to conveniently file a claim online, please visit the Manulife Shop Service Portal.  

You qualify for this benefit if, because of an injury, you are unable to work and placed under the regular care of a doctor, and if the disablement has become total, continuous, and permanent after one year.

You may also call Customer Care at (+632) 8884 7000 or Domestic Toll-Free Hotline (1800) 1888 6268 and email us at