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Get life insurance for as low as Php 249/year, get cash benefits in case of untimely death.

Choose the life insurance plan that fits your needs and budget

Life 249

Most Popular

Get PHP 25,000 benefit in case of unexpected events

PHP 249

Life 649

Get PHP 100,000 benefit in case of unexpected events

PHP 649

Life 1,549

Get PHP 300,000 benefit in case of unexpected events

PHP 1,549

Life 2,349

Get PHP 500,000 benefit in case of unexpected events

PHP 2,349

Life 4,499

Best value

Get PHP 1,000,000 benefit in case of unexpected events

PHP 4,499

Why should you get 365 Ready Life?

Give your family financial security should the worst happen. Be 365 Ready with this one-year term life insurance plan.

Getting up to Php1million life insurance coverage can be easy on the wallet.

An annual renewable term life insurance as when you need it.


Compare quotes, buy the plan online with no medical exam needed, and be covered right away


Product at a glance

Choose the coverage that fits your needs and your budget. 365 Ready Life is an online term life insurance that gives you one (1) year personal life insurance protection.  In case the unexpected happens to you, your family will be financially secure as they will receive the full benefit of your online life insurance coverage. 

Buy Life Insurance Online in 3 easy steps

Declare your insurance & medical history with no medical exam needed

Prepare your ID for faster transaction

We accept VISA / Mastercard

How it works 

Here's how 365 Ready Life can help you.

Here's Mark, a 22 year old who just secured his first job. He's conscious about his finances and feels that he needs life insurance but is unsure if he can afford it. He looks forward to achieving more in life and wants to make sure that he has a safety net.

Since he's just starting out, he wants to try different things that can work within what he currently has. He compares term life insurance quotes online to find a plan that will fit his budget.  With PHP 200 per month, he can already have Php 500,000 life insurance coverage.


365 Ready Duo provides you with both life insurance and personal accident insurance. 

Get more out of your insurance protection

365 Ready Duo provides you with both life insurance and personal accident insurance. 

Frequently asked questions

All 365 plans are sold exclusively through the Manulife Shop. 

You may pay in the Manulife Shop using your Debit Card or Credit Card powered by Visa or MasterCard. The card should be under your name to make your payment valid.

You may visit the Manulife Shop Service Portal. You may also call Customer Care at (+632) 8884 7000 or Domestic Toll-Free Hotline (1800) 1888 6268 and email us at

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