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Life and Savings Insurance Plans

Save smarter to build a better future.

As we go through life, priorities change, and goals evolve. Let Manulife help you find a way to save smarter. Our insurance and savings plans offer multiple ways to save and grow your money, all while staying protected. 


Manulife FutureBoost can help you grow your money over time, so you can pursue your passions in life, all while staying protected.

Savings & Investment

WealthOne provides you with life insurance protection and the opportunity to maximize the growth of your funds to secure yourself and your family. To know more, talk to a financial advisor today!


Savings & Retirement

With Manulife Freedom, you can enjoy guaranteed cash payout every 2 years plus guaranteed lump-sum cash benefit, all while staying protected.

What is a life and savings insurance plan?

A savings insurance plan (as known as Life and Savings Insurance Plan) is a financial product that combines the benefits of life insurance and savings plan in one package. It provides individuals life coverage while also growing their savings. Some schemes allow policyholders to allocate a portio n o f their savings premium towards investments, which can yield potential returns over time.

4 benefits of having a savings insurance plan with life coverage in the Philippines

A life and savings insurance plan provides financial security by offering life coverage, ensuring that your loved ones are protected in the event of your untimely demise. It helps to maintain their standard of living and meet financial obligations.

A life and savings insurance plan plays different roles in your life milestones.

  • As a parent, you always want to offer your kids the best education. A savings insurance plan helps you to save up fund for their future education.
  • When planning for retirement, such plan provides a structured approach to build up your retirement fund, allowing you to secure the quality of your retirement life.
  • Medical costs tend to rise with age. A savings insurance plan helps building up a fund for your healthcare needs, covering potential health expenses.

A life and savings insurance plan allows you to set aside a portion of your income as the premium. Depending on the plan, it may allocate part of it towards investment, which potentially grow your savings over time.

A life and savings insurance plan with life coverage often offers tax benefits. Contributions made towards the plan may be tax deductible, providing you with potential tax savings.

Learn more about how you can live a secure and protected life.

Want to learn more about how Manulife life and savings insurance plans can help? We're here for you!

Talk to a financial advisor today

Want to learn more about how Manulife life and savings insurance plans can help? We're here for you!

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