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Achieve Your Goals by Saving Smarter. Here's How.

Given the regular bills, rising prices due to inflation, and never-ending daily expenses, saving can seem challenging. However, this habit is necessary in order for us to achieve our various goals—whether that’s saving up for our dream home, raising capital for a business venture, setting aside funds for our children’s education, planning for retirement, and the like. All these require financial investment.

According to the 2021 Financial Inclusion Survey (FIS), 37% of Filipinos have some form of savings, which they typically keep in the bank or at home for emergencies. Despite the increasing number of Filipinos opening savings accounts, doubling in just two years, fewer individuals actually have savings and insurance.

This statistic is quite surprising, especially considering that according to the latest Manulife Asia Care Survey 2023, 80% of Filipinos believe in retirement planning, with 55% ranking it as their top personal finance goal. Regrettably, only a third (30%) have a plan in place.

Fortunately, there's a smarter way to save and make your money work as hard as you do. Manulife offers a convenient plan that allows you to steadily grow your savings while providing life protection, boosting your confidence and security as you pursue your financial goals.

With Manulife's FutureBoost and WealthOne plans, you gain access to expertly managed funds and tap into local and global growth opportunities. Watch your savings grow and use these gains to fund your future goals. In addition, get rewarded whenever you pay on time, top-up your savings, and stay committed, helping you to grow your funds even more.

If you prefer guaranteed returns, Manulife Freedom is the right one for you. Get guaranteed payouts every two years and one lump sum cash at the end of your plan, all these while staying protected.

There's no better, or more pressing, time than now to start saving. If saving is a top priority for you, Manulife makes it easier and more convenient for you to maintain a healthy savings habit. 

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