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Premiums for Life Insurance policies should be paid within 31 days from due date while Premiums for Financial Plans policies should be paid within 60 days from due date.

You will receive a billing notice as a reminder for premium due only if your policy is not enrolled in our Autopay facility.

Premiums are paid according to the mode of payment you choose, i.e., Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly.  Monthly premiums are paid through post-dated cheques, credit card enrollment, or auto debit arrangement with BPI, BDO, Metrobank or China Bank.

Premiums may be paid through any of the following channels:

  • Your Manulife Financial Advisor
    A Provisional Receipt will be provided to you by your Manulife Financial Advisor. The Official Receipt will be mailed to you once payment is remitted to Manulife.
  • Any Manulife branch  
    Bring your billing notice for ready reference.  If you do not have your billing notice, simply provide your complete name and policy number. Please be reminded that our brances will only accept debit, credit card, or check payments. Cash payments may be remitted through our bank partners and accredited payment centers. Payments may also be made via Manulife Online.
  • Any branch of our Bank Partners (i.e. BPI, BDO, Metrobank, China Bank or Union Bank.) 
    Always keep a copy of your bills payment slip for recording and tracking purposes.  Please click here to view our accredited payment facilities.
  • Post-Dated Cheques (PDC) for your premiums due.
    Cheques should be dated using the due date of your policy. For peso-denominated policies, refer to below acceptable payee names when paying in cheque:

Business Entities

  1. Manulife Financial Plans, Inc
    - Manulife Financial Plans, Inc
    - Manulife Financial Plans
    - Manulife Plans
  2. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.), Inc
    - The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.), Inc
    - Manulife Philippines
    - Manulife Phils.

Note:  For USD cheque payments, use the complete name “The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Phils.), Inc”

Fill out an ADA Enrollment Form together with the Authorization to Debit Account Form (ADA ReTry form). Submit the original ADA Form and proof of account* to any Manulife branch nationwide. Enrollment will be subject to Bank’s approval.


• ADA facility is applicable to BPI, BDO, Metrobank and China Bank account holders only 

• ADA is available for peso-denominated policies only

• BPI Family Savings Bank account is not accepted for ADA enrollment

*Examples of Proof of Account:

• Copy of bank Passbook showing the name of the account holder and account number. 

• Latest copy of the bank account statement (No need to show the debit or credit details.)

• Copy of deposit slip (Account name and account number should be clearly visible. 

• Other bank documents that contain the account name and the account number.

Payments made beyond the grace period will result to policy lapse, unless the policy has earned sufficient cash values to pay for future premiums and the Premium Loan Option was selected at the time of insurance application. In such case, the premium due on the policy will be treated as a loan as provided for in the Premium Loan provision.
Premiums paid after the grace period may result in the termination of insurance protection or reduce your insurance coverage.

*Any subsequent Regular Premium must be paid not later than 31 days after its due date.

If you do not receive a billing notice, you may:

• Pay at any Manulife branch by simply providing your complete name and policy number. 
• Request your Manulife Financial Advisor to provide you a copy of your billing notice
• Call our Customer Care Hotline +632 8884 7000 or email and request for a copy
• Enroll in iNotice by calling Customer Care

If you enroll your policy/ies in any of our Auto-Pay facilities (ADA or Credit Card), or submit post-dated cheques, you will no longer receive your billing notice via mail.  – NOT ALL CLIENTS ARE ENROLLED IN INOTICE.

Note: Non-receipt of billing notice will not be considered a sufficient reason for non-payment of premium dues. Premium should be paid to keep the policy in force. To ensure we have your updated mailing address, click here.

You may request for a certified true copy of your official receipt. Call our Customer Care Hotline at +632 8884 7000 or email

Yes, you can pull out your post-dated cheque. Request for a PDC Pull-Out Form from your Manulife Financial Advisor and submit to any Manulife branch nationwide at least five (5) banking days before maturity of the cheque.