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Maturities are one-time lumpsum amounts paid on your policy's maturity date.

Payouts are scheduled benefit proceeds of endowment policies like Success Builder, New Minds, Freedom Smart Minds, Moneymax, etc.

Please call Customer Care to inquire about your policy's maturity or payout at (02) 8884-7000 or domestic toll free at 1-800-1-888-6268 or email You will need your:

a. Policy number

b. Complete name (First, Middle, and Last Name) of the policyowner

c. Contact details of the policyowner

Maturities and payouts can be claimed by policyowners or insured/beneficiaries (if policyowner is already deceased) who have an upcoming benefit payout.

If you have a valid and updated Philippine mobile number and email address with us, you will receive scheduled notifications through email and SMS reminding you of your upcoming benefit payout and the requirements you need to submit. You will also receive a notification once the payout has been credited to your nominated bank account.

To file for a claim, please submit the following requirements via email to, through your Financial Advisor/Sales Associate, or in any Manulife branch.


Basic requirements

1. Valid photo-bearing government-issued ID with three specimen signatures;

2. Complete bank account details (Bank Name, Account name, Account number, Branch of Account and Type of Account);

3. Accomplished Credit to Account (CTA) Form; and

4. Proof of Bank account (copy of passbook or deposit slip or online transaction showing the account name and account number).


List of Additional Requirements (based on specific circumstances)

If the policyowner (who is not the proposed insured) is deceased

  1. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) copy or Certified True Copy of Death certificate
  2. If no nominated beneficiaries:
    • Sole heir: Notarized Affidavit of Self-adjudication
    • Multiple heirs: Notarized Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate

If the Payee is below 18 years old and:

  1. Total amount payable is less than or equal to PHP500,000.00
    • If the Trustee is the parent/s: Notarized Affidavit of Parental Care and Custody
    • If there's no designated Trustee:
      • If policy proceeds are below Php500,000, a minor beneficiary's father, or in the latter's absence or incapacity, the mother may claim the proceeds in behalf of the minor, as indicated in Republic Act 10607 (Revised Philippine Insurance Code).
    • If Trustee is someone other than the parents:
      • Notarized Substitute Parental Care
      • Notarized written waiver from the minor’s parents or PSA or Certified True Copy of Death Certificate if parents are already deceased. 
  2. Total amount payable to minor is more than PHP500,000.00
    • Guardianship Bond

If the Payee is someone other than the policyowner:

  1. Notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  2. If SPA is executed outside of the country, document should be Consularized or Apostilled (as applicable)

If the name on the acceptable ID submitted does not match the name appearing in our records

  1. Notarized Affidavit of One and the Same Person with explanation on why the names do not match
  2. If name on the ID is married name: Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) copy of Marriage Certificate

If the Payee is a US citizen/resident or has a US address

  1. FATCA Requirements (for applicable form, please check the website, )
  2. Privacy and Self-declaration Form

You will receive your maturity or payout through your nominated bank account. If you haven't provided your account details yet, please fill out the Credit to Account (CTA) Form an email to You will get a notification from Manulife via email and SMS once your benefit/payout has been credited to your bank account.

Yes. You may email with instructions to apply your proceeds as premium payment.

If the maturity or payout proceeds will be used as premium payment for a policy that is owned by another person, please attach a Payor Information Form to your email request. 



Yes. You may email with instructions to use your proceeds as loan payment. Please note that, for some policies, proceeds will be automatically used to pay off any outstanding or unpaid loans as per policy provision.


You will receive your proceeds depending on the option you chose when you applied for your policy. To check this, please refer to your policy contract. You may also reach out to your Financial Advisor/Financial Sales Associate or call Customer Care for further assistance.


For other inquiries about your maturities or payouts, your policy, or any of our products and services, you may call our Customer Care at (02) 8884-7000 or domestic toll free at 1-800-1-888-6268 or email to You may also register your policy via Manulife Online to view your policy information at your convenience.