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If you are starting to build your wealth, or already a seasoned investor, Manulife wealth insurance plans can help you grow and diversify your hard-earned money.

Our world-class wealth protection insurance investment products, together with our award-winning fund managers will make sure that as you go further in life, your investments will do to.



Manulife Affluence Gold

Even while just starting, you can already dream big.

Affluence Gold is an affordable one-time investment that lets you enjoy unlimited growth for your money. Invest in any of our professionally-managed funds, depending on your risk appetite and financial goals.

Key features

• No-medical hassle-free application

• Minimal entry fee so you maximize your earning

• Additional 25% cash benefit will be given to your family in case of death, even with investment losses*

*subject to certain conditions



Manulife Affluence Max Gold

Let your money work hard for you.

Invest 100% of your hard earned money in funds that let you enjoy high potential returns.

This easy one-time investment comes with a hassle-free insurance that does not require a medical exam. Your family will receive the returns of your investment plus an extra 25% earnings should anything happen to you.

As your trusted Philippine financial insurance company, we help you achieve your financial goals.




Manulife Affluence Builder Plus

Get a head start in reaching your goals with a plan that helps you build a bigger fund sooner. 

Whether you are preparing for your child's education, your first home, or your retirement, Affluence Builder Plus can help you build a bigger fund soon.

With Manulife Affluence Builder Plus, enjoy faster growth of your fund value by benefiting from low charges.




Manulife Affluence Builder

Manulife Affluence Builder is an affordable investment and retirement plan that offers lifetime protection coverage while helping you grow your savings. You can customize your investment plan based on your needs whatever stage you are in life. Talk to us today to get started.

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Manulife Affluence Income

We have different financial goals, some are short-term like purchasing the latest gadget or taking a much needed vacation, or long-term like retiring in your dream house or leaving a legacy for your children.

It's best to have an investment plan that provides you regular stream of income as much as 3% per year, and still let your money grow over time. It also comes with a built-in life insurance coverage.