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Preparing for your future is best done today. With the right wealth management strategy, you and your loved ones are able to look and move forward with security and peace of mind.

In every season of your life, we at Manulife Philippines make sure that you achieve your financial goals with a vast array of personalized investment and insurance plans and excellent advisory services for wealth management.



Manulife Affluence Gold

With the Affluence Gold plan, your minimum one-time investment generates maximum and life-long returns. You can choose from our diverse selection of professionally-managed funds to invest in and build your earnings, depending on your risk appetite and financial goals. Additionally, this policy features a 25% cash benefit for your family in case of death, even with investment losses.




Manulife Affluence Max Gold

Make your money work hard for you. With the Affluence Max Gold, 100% of your earnings are allocated in funds with high potential returns. You are also given the freedom to manage your investments, from fund switching and top-up options to partial or full withdrawals. This life insurance savings plan doesn’t require a medical exam.




Manulife Affluence Builder Plus

Get closer to financial freedom with a personal wealth plan that helps you build bigger funds in the least possible time. Affluence Builder Plus is a life insurance plan with investment specifically designed to fund your children’s education or comfortable retirement. It comes with a built-in benefit in case of accidental death or disabilities. Under this policy, you can manage your investment based on your risk profile and withdraw funds when necessary.




Manulife Affluence Builder

Turn your dreams for your family’s future into reality today with the Affluence Builder, a customizable life insurance plan with investment options to guarantee financial protection for your family and high returns for your investments. Depending on your risk profile, you can exercise abilities for fund switching, withdrawals, top-ups, and peso and dollar investment management. Talk to us today to get started.



Manulife Affluence Income

Whether you have short- or long-term financial goals, the Affluence Income plan helps you set up a regular stream of income with as much as 3% of your investment value per year. This policy comes with a life insurance plan, which entails a 125% cash benefit in case of demise.