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5 Powerful Ways Women Empower Themselves

This month, we celebrate the powerful women that surround us. At any home or office, you can find a woman leading the pack. She’s a master multitasker, a supportive team player, a compassionate leader, a determined CEO, and many more!

However, despite their various roles, and even after decades of proving themselves to be a powerful force , women and their contributions sometimes remain undervalued.

This is why we must continually stand with the women in our lives and build more supportive communities where every woman is valued and heard. So, what makes an empowered woman?

1.      She believes in herself

There is no space for self-doubt especially if you wish to achieve your big, lofty dreams. Powerful women believe in their capabilities and quickly ignore the negativity that may  undermine their efforts. She’s willing to take risks but plots out the best insurance plans to achieve the best outcome.

2.      She puts herself first in order to take care of others

An empowered woman knows that the secret to success is rooted in self-love. She knows that in order for her to function, deliver, and shine, she must prioritize her well-being first. She is not afraid to demand what is fair and deserving of her time, attention, and energy.  

3.      She’s always planning her next move

In stories of many women in positions of power, what is common are : clear vision and planning. From their experiences, we learn that the road to success is not random. Be like those SHE-E-Os who understand the importance of plotting down their life goals and supporting them with practical action plans (with safety nets, too!).

This includes putting in place financial structures such as life insurance that protect her against emergencies and unforeseen circumstances that may hold her back and/or derail her plans. An insurance policy can protect her life and livelihood and help her bounce back from any situation.

4.      She stands up for herself and others

She knows that one’s accomplishments mean nothing if your gifts and talents are not used to uplift others. An empowered woman pays it forward—bringing  people together and helping build communities where people feel safe, protected, and heard. She maintains integrity in all her decisions and actions, and uses her strength of character for good.  

5.      She learns from her mistakes

With grace and humility, a woman knows that she—like everyone else—will always need the help of others. She consults those who are more knowledgeable, more experienced, and better skilled to help her make better decisions. Whether it’s for financial literacy, parenthood, career growth, and preparing for the future by starting a retirement fund, she seeks those who are just as generous and open to sharing what they have and know to help her navigate challenges in life. 


If you’re looking for more ways to get ahead financially, secure the life you’re building for your loved ones, or consult on how to plan for your next big achievement, we can help! Get in touch with a Manulife Financial Advisor today!

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