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5 Ways To Make The Holidays More Meaningful This Year 

How do we still make Christmas meaningful for everyone while being conscious of the times?


With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly stretching out over and beyond the holidays, the general mood is more subdued than celebratory. How do we still make it meaningful for everyone while being conscious of the times? Here are a few things we can do differently this year:

  1. Cut down on costs and spend more time on meaningful activities. Exchange the usual holiday costs such as expensive travel, clothing, and material gifts for intangible gifts such as nice gestures, the gift of your time, or even homemade goodies
  2. If you're going to give presents, buy local. Help local businesses by purchasing from them! Get your Noche Buena food and Secret Santa gift items from small businesses, especially those that were started under quarantine and are still in start-up mode.
  3. Spend your staycation at home. Even if hotels and tourist spots are already starting to open, opt to stay home so you can save on costs and minimize the risk of getting or spreading the virus. Spruce up your home with last year's decorations and spend quality time with your family instead.
  4. Catch up with family and friends online. You can still do your holiday reunions - online! Make sure to reach out to friends and family who might be needing someone to talk to, and teach senior family members the beauty of online video calling platforms.
  5. Give to charity and include people in need in your thoughts. If you can't afford to give a monetary donation, see what you have at home that the less fortunate can use - clothes, books, toys, even homemade goods. The season is all about giving, after all.

Start doing things differently and make every day better.

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