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5 Ways To Start Adulting with Your Finances

Here are a few tips for your journey to financial adulting.

This year, the theme for finances (and just about everything else) is balance and resilience. While you need a stable amount of funds tucked away in case an emergency arises, you also need to have enough to spend on things that give you joy. If you've recently just begun to earn or are dealing with unemployment, mapping out your finances more seriously is a must.

Here are a few tips for your journey to financial adulting:

  1. List down your goals. Make a breakdown of your financial wants and needs. Compute how much you really need for your essentials, and identify which expenses are actually unnecessary.
  2. Invest your money in something worthy. If you have money put away in a savings account, start thinking of ways on how to grow it like choosing a savings plan that acts as an investment too or putting your money in a well-planned start-up.
  3. Think about a creative side hustle. Start coming up with ways on how to earn extra - online jobs, selling homemade goods and crafts, or selling refurbished clothing. If it's something you actually enjoy doing, it might not even feel like extra work.
  4. Start swapping expensive purchases for practical goods. Be more practical with your purchases! Look for cheaper alternatives to your grocery staples or practical needs. Be more discerning with labels to make sure you're paying less but not scrimping too much on quality.
  5. Be diligent. Stay true to your commitment to be more serious about your finances. Self-discipline isn't always easy, but following through with your plans is a reward in itself.

Ready to make every day better? Start with a good plan. Talk to an Adviser and find out how you can start managing your future today. 

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