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It's never too early to plan your savings and retirement—here's why

Did you know that the perfect time to start thinking about it is actually from your 20s to early 30s? 

Here's why having the right savings and retirement plan now can be the key to being more secure in the future:

Thinking about saving up for retirement is probably not a top-of-mind concern for young professionals who are just starting their career, or fresh graduates who are looking forward to getting the most out of their days by enjoying their newly acquired freedom from school. But did you know that this is the perfect age to start thinking about it? Here's why planning your retirement early is the key to making every day better.

An early goal-oriented mindset. Setting financial goals early won't just make you more conscientious about your spending habits—it can also build character, and that cuts across all aspects of your lifestyle. You'll have better spending discipline, independence, and an easier time at setting priorities straight.

Financial freedom. Saving up for retirement shouldn't have to leave you scrimping on things that you enjoy. The key to balance is letting yourself still spend on things you enjoy while saving enough to meet your life goals. Choosing the right savings or retirement plan can let you achieve this.

Insurance and protection for you. With the changing times, we must be equipped to be ready with any unforeseen spending. Luckily, there are savings and retirement plans that give you life insurance coverage until your senior years, as well as options to borrow cash in case of emergencies. That's hitting multiple targets with one arrow.

Better financial flexibility. Choosing the right savings and retirement plan can give you flexible options in things like how you want to receive cash benefits, as well as the option to add extra features like guaranteed cash payouts or additional critical illness coverage as soon as you can afford it. Your plan can grow as your spending ability does, too.

It makes you EXTRA. Aside from making you independent at an early age, the right plans go beyond ensuring your future - they can even let you earn extra income that you can reinvest in that start-up you've always wanted to put up, or for your personal needs and wants.

The earlier you start, the more benefits you reap. Learn more about how you can start your journey to making every day better with the best savings and retirement options.

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