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A Better Future Is Here

Manulife’s FutureBoost gives you an easy and flexible way to supercharge your financial goals

First appeared on MoneySense Philippines

Many individuals are still striving to regain their financial footing as the world's economies recover and reopen. During the COVID-19 epidemic, when millions of people lost their jobs, small companies were forced to close, and day-to-day living expenses piled up. Many individuals also found it impossible to save six to 12 months' worth of money. The stimulation checks or “ayuda” may be helpful, but they aren't enough.

In response to Filipinos’ needs to save and invest so they can better manage their financial well-being, Manulife Philippines offers new ways for customers to take control of their finances with affordable and customizable financial products that can give them a boost to secure their future. 

With Manulife’s FutureBoost, a new variable life insurance plan (VUL insurance) that provides multiple rewards and bonuses, you can accelerate the growth of your funds. You can also secure every stage of your life by maximizing coverage that can be adjusted according to your priorities and goals.

A Better Future is Here

You can start with the budget you have right now, wherever you are in your life journey:

●      A young professional getting your first insurance product or looking for a starter investment plan

●      Someone who has advanced in your career or is considering starting your own family, so you want to start your investment journey

●      Someone who wants to build a legacy for your children or grandchildren

●      Someone who already has insurance or investment products but wants to diversify and have additional protection

Customers can avail of Manulife’s FutureBoost for as low as Php20,000 in yearly payment premium. Take note that you can adjust your coverage anytime, enhance it through riders, and boost it over time to earn rewards.


Bonuses of Manulife FutureBoost

Manulife FutureBoost helps customers build their funds faster, as there are no upfront premium charges. It also offers its customers the following value-added bonuses:

●      A premium bonus equivalent to 5% of basic premiums, if paid on time

●      A premium extension bonus that is equivalent to 2% of the basic premiums, if you choose to add to your funds beyond your selected payment term

●      An annual loyalty bonus that equals to 0.5% or 0.75% of account values every year, starting at the end of their 10th year

It is truly high time that Filipinos start taking charge of their finances, and securing what matters most. Through Manulife’s FutureBoost (also available in Manulife China Bank Life), it has become a lot easier to save and invest. Decisions are made easier, and lives made better.

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