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Be a Millennial Unfazed by Quarter Life Crisis

Just as you thought things were running smoothly, it hits you – quarter life crisis.

Finally, you’re earning your own money… financial freedom! But just as you thought things were running smoothly, it hits you – quarter-life crisis. Who even knew that existed? And for some reason, you suddenly start to worry about quite a number of things.

As a kid watching “13 going on 30,” you wondered why Jennifer Garner wanted to be a child again after being transformed into an attractive 30-year-old, but now you get it. You need to work hard to earn an income that will let you conquer your #adulting duties – paying bills, pitching in at home, and other stuff you didn’t think you had to deal with before. Part of adulting means preparing for your future, beyond 25. And part of preparing for your future means being financially stable and getting insured. 

Manulife has recently released a groundbreaking insurance plan that offers valuable insurance benefits rolled into one:

1.     Easy application with no medical examination required.

2.    Guaranteed lifetime protection once your policy is fully paid

3.    Guaranteed cash benefits regardless of market conditions.

With Manulife My Vision Plan (MVP), you can enjoy your young adult years with less worry. By starting now, while you are still young, you can finish off paying your premiums sooner, and have more time to build your funds, keeping you from missing out on good experiences.

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