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Choosing You

Practical self-care tips that will make your every day better

If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught all of us it would be the in-your face reminder that life can radically change in an instant. It has brought about an added layer to an already stressful world we live in. Nowadays, a more conscious effort to really take care of ourselves is a must.

Self-care is a term that describes any conscious act that you do to promote and preserve your mental and physical health. This involves making healthy lifestyle choices, taking time-offs when you need to re-charge, or simple acts of kindness you do for others and yourself.

There are a number of benefits in practicing self-care. It improves your physical health as you commit to making healthier choices. It can reduce stress and anxiety as it often involves activities that will help you relax. Self-care can also boost your self-esteem, which ultimately leads to a more positive way of looking at yourself and others.

Most importantly, it also protects your mental health as you begin to prioritize your well-being more. Although self-care techniques vary from one person to the other, here are some practical things you can try today.

Move Your Body! 

Since we can’t go to the gym, try the chair Zumba! You can check out videos online then pick out a routine that works well for you. Of course, you need to supplement this with making healthier food choices, getting enough sleep, and being faithful to any maintenance medicines and supplements that you need to take.

Draw Up a 'Don’t Do' List 

Aside from your usual to-do list, it is time to try another type that helps you clear up your mind for things that really matter. Reflect on how your day went and write down the things that weighed you down or made you feel less positive about yourself and others. Commit to do less of these things or let it be a reminder to help you regulate your reaction when it happens again.

Stay connected with family and friends online

Maintaining positive social connections are known to boost mental and physical well-being. Set up regular video calls with your family or organize online themed dates on Friday nights with friends to make interactions more fun and meaningful.

Have a weekly at-home spa/salon day

Schedule a DIY mani-pedi at home or take a long warm bath using your favorite scent. Remember to make it a habit to pamper yourself and look great for you and not for anyone else.

Practice generosity 

Share your blessings by donating to a cause you believe in or support groups that you feel need help the most. The act of being able to help others can have a positive impact on your well-being.

Get your finances in order  

Financial wellness is one way you can achieve more peace of mind knowing that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones. Draw up an updated monthly spending and saving spreadsheet, research on how you can start investing, or download finance apps that can help you enhance your budgeting skills.


Remember, the goal is to consciously make time and put effort into taking care of yourself. It doesn’t need to cost much but it does need a high level of commitment from you to choose yourself more and take the necessary steps to make your every day better.

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