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Here's how you can retire ready in life

Working to achieve financial goals, especially for long-term wealth growth and retirement, can seem overwhelming. Inflation, interest rates, economic projections, and risk appetites may demand careful consideration and a deeper understanding of how money moves.

At its core, the best approach is simple and straightforward: when saving for retirement, the age at which you start and the age at which you plan to retire are crucial. Starting early enables smaller, more manageable contributions, whereas a shorter timeframe closer to your retirement age may require larger investments to achieve your goals.


FutureBoost Retirement: Your Comprehensive Retirement Plan

Manulife’s FutureBoost Retirement plan simplifies financial planning for Filipinos, offering an easy and comprehensive solution to build a robust retirement fund. You can choose when and how to receive your retirement fund, whether at age 50, 60, or even 75.

More than a retirement plan, FutureBoost Retirement integrates life insurance with smart investment planning, ensuring both bigger retirement savings and financial protection in times of uncertainty.

FutureBoost Retirement's Smart Investments Feature Can Help You Become Retirement-Ready

A unique feature of FutureBoost Retirement is its automatic fund management that combines our expert fund management and smart investment strategy to potentially maximize the growth of your retirement fund.

With FutureBoost Retirement, investments typically include cash funds, bonds, and equity funds, like funds specifically invested in US companies, healthcare, or other market leaders across various industries locally or globally. The automatic fund management feature eliminates the stress of choosing and switching funds on your own and relies on Manulife’s experts to choose the right approach. 

As you prepare for retirement, your funds will be allocated to diversified global equity funds with higher potential for growth. As you get older and approach your retirement age, your funds will automatically be invested in safer assets to preserve your retirement fund.

Start Building Your Retirement Plan Today

When building your retirement plan, the sooner, the better! Saving as early as possible will enable you to plan and manage your finances more effectively and allow the power of compound interest to work for your money.

Get expert advice from our Financial Advisors to help you determine the best options for your retirement plan. Together, you can consider factors such as risk tolerance, budget, peak earning years, and financial commitments, among others.

Start planning and saving for retirement now with FutureBoost Retirement to ensure your protection today and in the future.

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