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Holiday Destinations for every Milestone

With so many travel sites suggesting where you should go next, which one should you follow? 

While older generations value tangible investments like houses and cars, millennials prefer to invest in experiences. Travel is a priority. Traveling has certainly become a lot more accessible now, but this can also pose a challenge to the millennial traveler: With so many travel sites suggesting where you should go next, which one should you follow?

We’ve got an idea: Instead of choosing from an endless list of tourist spots, why not base your next travel destination on your career milestones? If you were promoted or if you just started a new job, there’s a destination perfect for celebrating those achievements.

For a successful project

Reward yourself for all your hard work by going on a much-deserved vacation somewhere off the radar. Batanes is a great example: You’ll find that it’s vastly different from city life you know all too well. There, it’ll almost feel like you’re in a different country: You can breathe the freshest air and see sights you won’t be able to see anywhere in the metro, like empty roads on lush green hills and cliffs by the sea.

For a new job

Before starting in your new workplace, go on a weekend getaway and turn your beach dreams into a reality by finally booking a few nights at one of Bali’s dreamy beach resorts. Your peso can go a long way in Bali. When you’re done strolling on the beach, you can go white water rafting or snorkeling. For adventurous souls, you can go on a trek to Beji Guwang’s Hidden Canyon, which involves rock climbing and crossing rivers on foot.

For your promotion

New post and responsibilities? Challenge accepted! But first, gift yourself a trip to a unique place. A place like Rio de Janeiro would be perfect for this—it’s halfway across the globe, where you’re sure to find yourself immersed in fascinating cultures, tasting unique dishes, and meeting people from around the world. You can do all of these at a samba night in Pedra do Sal, which features excellent live music and Brazilian food.

For your retirement

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement. Think about your life 20 or 30 years from now—where would you be in your career by then? What milestones would you be celebrating in your travels, and, perhaps more importantly, would you have the resources to fund these trips? A clear-cut financial plan that can ensure that you’ll get to celebrate, via travel, your fruitful career should you decide to take a sabbatical (or even retire) is one option you can start thinking about as early as now.

Do any of these suggestions excite you? Get started on saving up for your travel goals today! 

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