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How not to be a Worrier

Comparing your progress to other people’s progress may not be the best way to go

We measure life’s success through different things. Often, it is through how many of our goals have been ticked off of our checklists. However, you should remember that comparing your progress to other people’s progress may not be the best way to go. You need to check your progress depending on your own capacity and timing.

Having goals means you want the best for yourself. But one side effect of always wanting to be ahead of the game is being a worrier. Could there be a way to worry less while still maintaining the same eagerness to achieve your goals and actually reaching for them?

With the hard work you put into earning money, you deserve more than overthinking whether the snack you’re eating is hurting your finances. If you find that your salary immediately gets chopped up into parts to cover your necessities as soon as it enters your payroll account, it’s time to invest. Give your hard-earned money a chance to grow.

Through investing, you are essentially putting your money away for safekeeping, only it increases more than it would if it were stashed in a bank. A smarter choice for investment is one that offers guaranteed cash benefits no matter what happens to the market. With this, you are instantly assured that you have savings set aside for your future.

Manulife’s My Vision Plan (MVP) does even more beyond allowing you to invest and giving you guaranteed savings. It comes with guaranteed lifetime protection once your insurance policy is fully paid. It’s like hitting three birds with one stone! You have your future secured, have money growing, and even have medical coverage. With all of these covered by a single plan, you can essentially be worry-free and certainly ahead of your peers.

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