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How to Survive the First Month of the New Year

A couple of post-holiday survival tips for you

Christmas is over, the celebrations are done, and it’s back to the grind. Then, a harsh reality hits. Because you spent quite a bit during the holidays, you have barely enough money to start the new year. To help you make it to the next payday, here are a couple of post-holiday survival tips:

Recycle leftovers

Take-home food from all those Christmas parties can help you save for those first few weeks of the new year. Lechon paksiw or kilawin, anyone?

Sell unwanted gifts

Every year, we receive a gift or two that we simply do not like or cannot use. So, instead of having them gather dust, you can sell them online for a bit of cash.


Pause subscriptions

Going back to work means you’ll be busy for quite a while. Which means it’s the perfect time to pause your streaming video subscriptions and save a chunk of change.


Coffee on a budget

At least for the meantime. There are plenty of affordable options near you. Better yet, why not brew your own at home?


Pass on pampering

Surely you can survive a month or two minus the beauty appointments you’re accustomed to. Contact your friendly neighborhood mani-pedi to get the job done.


With a little discipline and sacrifice, you can survive the first few weeks of the new year. But why stop there? Make saving a habit and you’ll be set financially for the rest of the year!


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