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Money Hacks and Advice for Millennials and Gen Z

Who doesn't love hacks? Especially money hacks that actually work! We asked our customers for their fool-proof money tips and tricks and their answers are so simple yet so smart you can start practicing them today!

"Declutter and keep the things you love and need. When you’re familiar with the possessions you have and where they are kept, you won't be buying things in excess anymore, which saves you money.”

—Jamie Elaine Aves

"When I pay in cash and receive old crumpled money, I keep it and include it in our monthly savings. I deposit it in the bank because I don't want it to be circulated anymore.”

—Mary Grace Anne De Guzman

“I have a consolidated list of my daily expenses in an Excel sheet. Before I go to bed, I find time to recall and encode all my expenses (from fare, water, food, even to the last peso expense). When it comes to shopping, I follow this technique I read online where you wait one week before buying something you like. If you forget about it after a week, then you don’t need it.”

—Jolina Dano

"I was 20 when my bank offered me an opportunity to invest in stocks in 1994. Stocks at that time was not popular so I declined. That was the biggest mistake of my life! It would have been an opportunity for me to have an early retirement. My advice to Gens Y and Z is don't let an opportunity pass by. Invest, save, buy insurance policies! The sooner you do these things, the sooner you retire and live the life of your dreams.”

—Gazella Guinarez

"Don’t borrow money to spend for luxuries or wants. It’s okay to borrow for real estate or education. When using your credit card, don’t go for the deferred payment option but buy the items on installment plan. The interest on deferred payment is very high.”

—Anna Marie Lerma

"Somehow you'll get salary increase based on merit and/or promotion. This shouldn’t mean you can automatically increase your spending on gimik, gadgets, or such. Practice the marshmallow test, save and reserve for a more satisfying and lasting reward like buying your own house!”

Rene Mayol

While smart money management and health money habits may be challenging to commit to at any age, staying motivated and keeping your eyes on the prize, as early as now, is crucial to a achieving your financial goals. Financial planning is also important to make sure the future you’re building for yourself and your loved ones is protected from uncertainties.  

Manulife is here to help you do just that. Start planning for success by using Manulife’s My Goal Planner! Click here to try it now!

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