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Preparing for Life’s Surprises

 Do you have someone whom you could rely on to help you with your expenses?

If you’re a young parent, securing your child’s education is probably at the top of your priorities. Providing access to quality education can give your child a good chance at getting ahead in life. But aside from your child’s education, what else are on your priority list? Life is too full of uncertainties, and what you don’t want to happen is for you to be sidetracked by unforeseen circumstances.

A recent study discovered that millions of people are just “one paycheck” away from financial downturn. This means that missing out on one paycheck (for example, losing one’s job) can already lead to financial slump that can be difficult to recover from. Sadly, that’s the case for most Filipinos. What if suddenly, you or a loved one suffers from an injury, or unexpectedly gets sick, are you financially stable enough to handle it? Do you have someone whom you could rely on to help you with your expenses? 

This is where having insurance becomes an essential investment for your family’s future. Insurance can not only shoulder unforeseen expenses, but it can also protect your family’s financial security.

There are various types of insurance plans to choose from, depending on your family’s needs and goals. An educational plan protects you from the rising costs of education and ensures that your child’s future is taken care of no matter what happens. A retirement plan can provide you with the life of comfort that you deserve after years of hard work. Life and health insurance not only cover the bills that inevitably arise with the onset of an accident or critical illness, but could also help provide for your family’s financial needs even when you can no longer provide for them yourself.

By choosing the right insurance coverage, you can plan ahead for a promising future for you and your family. Start today by getting in touch with a Manulife Advisor.

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