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Say "I love you" in 5 different ways

Here are 5 unique ways on how to get your love message across

Flowers, chocolates, and diamonds are just some of the ways to express our love for someone.  Here are five unique ways on how you can get the message across, and not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.   

Say it with words of affirmation

It is always nice to be given a compliment or two by someone you love.  Make sure that you start the day by affirming your partner’s strengths and highlighting the countless reasons why they are perfect in your eyes. 

Say it with an act of kindness

Action speaks louder than words. An act of kindness directed towards your significant other will surely make them feel cared for by the one they love.

Say it with a meaningful gift

Give more value on meaning rather than on price.  A thoughtful gift that makes your partner feel loved and appreciated are two key points you must remember.

Say it with time well spent

There is nothing more precious than the quality time spent with your partner.  Your undivided attention when you are together will help deepen your connection.

Say it with a hug

Give a hug, hold the hand or stay close by your loved one’s side.  These simple gestures of physical touch convey how happily connected you are to your partner and how you both feel secure.

No matter how simple it may be, understanding your partner’s love language matters a lot. Remember that your consistent ways of assuring them of your love and commitment are the perfect formula for making every day a LOVE-ly Day!

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