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Secure your Child’s Education and Future with Insurance

Will I have enough to send my kid to school?

A child’s education is probably the biggest worry of any parent. According to experts, tuition fees in the Philippines increase by an average of 10% every year. So, if you think schooling is expensive now, imagine how much you’ll be spending by the time your child reaches college.

Fortunately, you can get help and it’s called insurance. It is one of the best investments for securing your child’s future education and here’s why:

Insurance may offer better returns

Your money may not be growing enough in traditional savings accounts to cover your longer-term needs, such as tomorrow's tuition fees. Insurance, on the other hand, allows you to invest your money for the long-term, which can yield much higher returns to keep up with inflation and tuition fee increases.

Insurance keeps working even if you no longer do

If you are no longer able to provide for your family due to age, a personal injury or a health problem, insurance makes sure you have the funds so your child can continue his/her studies.

Insurance may provide cash payouts

Some insurance plans may provide annual cash payouts which you can use (1) for your family’s immediate needs or (2) to re-invest to grow your money even more.

Insurance helps you while you still live

Before, insurance was perceived as an unnecessary expense where your family benefits only after you pass away. Today, insurance serves you while you are still alive. It is a valuable investment designed to help fulfill life goals, such as a child’s schooling.


If you’re already thinking about a college education for your child, contact us and let’s talk about it. We can customize an insurance savings plan that will fit your long-term goals and budget.

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