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Manulife's New Freedom Plan: Setting You Up for the Future and Retirement

A good insurance plan not only offers benefits after the policyholder’s passing but provides solutions during his or her lifetime as well.

Manulife Freedom is a good example as it offers more than just insurance coverage. With this plan, policyholders are supported throughout their lives, allowing them to help provide for their family at present and prepare better for retirement.

Its benefits include a guaranteed cash payout every other year equivalent to 10% of the face amount upon full payment of the plan. These payouts can be used for urgent priorities such as home renovations, quick family getaways or a child’s school fees and tuition. Additionally, there is an option to reinvest these payouts to accumulate one’s wealth further in the long term, making it easier to build funds for retirement or pay for other family needs.


Consider this scenario:

Maxi, a 38-year-old executive, dreams of living a comfortable retirement. To fulfill this, she availed Freedom 65 and pays a monthly premium of around Php 13,400 for 10 years. Instead of taking the guaranteed payouts every other year, she decided to leave it in her account to accumulate and get a higher payout worth Php 1,053,000 upon the maturity of her plan at age 65. This is comprised of the guaranteed cash worth Php 800,000 and the non-guaranteed interest worth around Php 253,000.

Apart from the guaranteed payout, she will also receive a guaranteed lump-sum cash benefit amounting to Php 1,000,000, with a potential additional earning of Php 389,700 (non-guaranteed dividends). 

Within the duration of her Freedom policy, Maxi is also safeguarded against accidential death ensuring that her family will receive the financial support they need in case the unexpected happens.


Life insurance plans should provide coverage not only in death but also during life. With financial guidance, you can leverage Freedom’s comprehensive features to plan for your future, grow your wealth, and live comfortably in retirement—all while safeguarding yourself, your family, and your assets.


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