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The Modern Filipino Family:

Exploring family dynamics and digitalization in the new normal

The Modern Filipino Family:


Manulife's latest study titled, "The Modern Filipino Family: Exploring family dynamics and digitalization amid the new normal," aims to understand how digitalization impacts relationships and family life, while learning to live with COVID-19. Have Filipinos settled in new routines and behaviors brought by a hyper-digitalized world? How has modern technology affected relationships and social interactions? 

The study found that Filipino parents and children across generations have found different ways to cope with the digitalization of everyday life. While remaining engaged with each other, their attitudes have shifted. Weighing in both the positive and negative effects of a digital-by-default lifestyle, they also developed a stronger desire to pursue new passions, live a healthier life, secure life protection, and achieve financial freedom.

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Adjusting to the new normal: Parents find ways to flourish, while children experience struggles

Well-being is better

Stress levels are lower

More work-life balance for Filipino parents

Gen XY parents find ways to flourish

Gen Z Kids experience struggles

Amid a hyper-digital world, parents approve responsible use of personal data

The Filipino home has become an all-in-one hub for digital activities

For most Filipinos surveyed, it's acceptable to use their personal data if it will help:

Filipinos seek more digitally enabled insurance and investments to secure protection

Top reasons to buy insurance online across generation segments

Investing in insurance

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