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There's No Stopping Christmas

Here’s how to spread love and cheer this holiday season safely and responsibly!

This year, we welcome the merry season with joyful hearts as we look forward to those longed-for reunions with family and friends. And with the wonderful news of the pandemic numbers going down, our spirits are further buoyed!

While it seems that the stars have aligned for us to fully enjoy the holidays, let us remember to still be ever-so cautious. Let us celebrate wholeheartedly and be fully present, while still being mindful of our loved ones.

So, during Christmas gatherings and events, take into consideration the following:  

Christmas Charity Drives

It’s always appreciated to share your blessings with others, and many families will be grateful, especially in this season of giving. Whether you’re hosting your annual Christmas charity party or just looking to get into the holiday spirit of giving, just make sure that what you do takes into consideration the safety of all your team and your beneficiaries.

        1. Avoid big crowds that may lead to super spreader events, opt to share packed meals and Christmas             packages instead. This is safer than hosting a holiday party in a jam-packed venue. 

        2. Minimize contact further by having your food packs and packages delivered straight to your             beneficiaries’ homes or headquarters.

        3. Always sanitize your gifts and packages before delivering them.

        4. Another option is, instead of organizing the drive yourself, you can lend support to other             organizations that already work with communities and can take care of the logistics and distribution.

Traveling with a Group

For many, the lifting of the travel restrictions got us shouting #YOLO! We can finally give in to our wanderlust! But remember, while we are allowed to travel now due to low cases in our area, this may not be the same situation at the destination you’re heading to. So be mindful and consider taking extra precautions.  

        1. When traveling, double-check the health clearances and requirements needed at your destination.             The requirements may differ from country to country, city to city—and these may also change at any             point in time!—so keep all your documents on hand and always check for updates. 

        2. Opt for destinations that have lower COVID-19 rates and book accommodations that meet COVID             clearances and protocols. Check the Department of Health website to see accredited local hotels and             other facilities. For accommodations abroad, clarify requirements before booking.

        3. If possible, keep your travel group small and book private transport to minimize the risk. 

        4. Travel is much easier for those who have been vaccinated and your vaccination cards come in handy             as these are needed to enter hotels, restaurants, malls, and other establishments. Keep a copy in             your wallet and phone, and schedule a booster shot if it’s time!

        5. For extra security and coverage, get travel insurance and health insurance. For good measure, you             may also want to avail yourself of life insurance especially when flying internationally. 

internationally.Celebrating Responsibly with Family and Friends

        1. Face masks, proper handwashing, and social distancing work, so continue to observe them when             gathering with family and friends.

        2. When possible, choose a venue that’s well-ventilated and big enough to accommodate social             distancing. You may even want to move the festivities outdoors—in the garden or patio!

        3. It is recommended to keep gatherings to a minimum and opt for small, intimate reunions when             possible.

        4. While not foolproof, saliva and antigen testing can be incorporated as part of the party protocols to             add another layer of security.

        5. To protect the children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised, if you’re feeling unwell (even with             the slightest cough, sniffles, or fever—join the celebrations via call or zoom instead. 

The holidays are so much more meaningful when spent with loved ones. But your and their health and safety should always come first, regardless of the occasion! Make the holidays even more festive by giving your loved ones the priceless gift of life insurance in the Philippines and secure their lives and future today!

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