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To Invest or to Insure?

Get a plan that lets you do both!


If you have a traditional insurance plan at the moment, you are offered some peace of mind knowing that you have guaranteed death benefits for your family's financial security. But what if you could let your insurance grow your money too? Here’s what

you can get out of plans that let you do both at the same time.

It gives you multiple streams of income. Putting all your hard-earned money in one place can be good, but a Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance plan, for example, lets you choose which funds to invest in, to give you the opportunity for higher returns on your investment.

Investing now benefits you now and later. Aside from enjoying protection for when something unfortunate happens to you — a necessary cushion in today’s uncertainties — the money you invest now has the potential to grow over time. With Manulife VUL, you can choose to invest just a portion of your income and still be able to sustain your everyday needs. In the unfortunate event that the economy experiences another recession, you could be better off having already prepared for it financially beforehand.

Potentially higher long-term returns. While the returns of VULs aren’t guaranteed, the current market offers opportunities for those who can invest now. Recessions are cyclical, but so are recoveries — and now might be the best time to invest your extra income. This time could be particularly advantageous for those who are thinking about investing long-term.

Manulife has several VUL plans that are invested in local and global funds. Interested but have a few more unanswered questions in your mind? Talk to a Manulife Financial Advisor today.

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