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What to Include in Your Family Bucket List

Take this opportunity to plan your future and have fun with the whole fam!

It’s good to have personal goals to help you stay motivated and stay “on track.” Even if it’s not technically written down anywhere, you all probably have at least a mental “bucket list” of dreams you want to fulfill and activities you want to try. But did you know that you can actually plan a bucket list as a family, too?

Kick up the bonding and start planning for life post-lockdown. Here are a few ideas that you can add to your family bucket list!

Portrait Fun 

Family pictures are always hard to schedule because usually (pre-pandemic), families have difficulty pinning down everyone—what with their busy schedules and other commitments. But now, the circumstances have changed, and you may finally have the time to set it. Take family photos to a whole new level by coming up with fun concepts or even staging several sets around the home. Take a photo to celebrate every season.

First Post-Pandemic Trip

What better time than now to plan the ultimate family vacation (for when we’re all finally allowed to travel). After being at home for more than a year, a well-deserved vacation needs to be planned to the T. Research, put together itineraries, and start saving up as a family so that once there’s a go signal, you can all head out to the airport for new adventures!

More Family Dates

The pandemic has allowed us to reflect and truly appreciate what matters most in our life. It has made us slow down and enjoy precious moments with family and loved ones. Take this time to get to know each member better and on a deeper level– whether it’s your spouse, children, or grandchildren. Arrange fun activities or unique dates at home and bond.

A Secure Future for the Whole Family

Pre-pandemic, everyone was typically too busy with work, school, and house chores to really sit down and plan what they want. Take advantage of your time together to dream about the future as a family and lay down a plan to make them all come true.

Break down big goals into smaller wins and see what actions you can take to ensure that everything pans out. By putting your goals down on paper or creating a vision board, you can plot the steps and see where you may need support and safety nets. For example, insurance for your children’s college education, life savings, investment options, and, of course, a comfortable retirement.

After all, providing a secure future for your loved ones is the most precious and important item you can tick off on any list! Get a head start on your family goals today! Talk to a Manulife Insurance Advisor to learn how. 

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